Common Forms of Quantitative Research | Market Research Firm Albany, NY

Need to conduct some quantitative market research but you're wondering which methodology is right for you? Unfortunately or fortunately, there are a lot of options to choose from. This post will help you walk through each of the options available to you, provide a quick definition of the methodology, and a high-level overview. Thank you to the reader who submitted this idea through my Market Research Survey.

Common Forms of Quantitative Research | Market Research Firm Albany, NY

Online surveys

The most common of all quantitative methodologies. Very simply this is a survey made available online and accessible through various formats (web browsers, tablets, desktops, laptops.) Online surveys are very popular and are relatively inexpensive if you have your own sample. Costs increase as levels of complexity in survey design and a need for a specialized audience increase.

Mobile surveys

Surveys designed and formatted specifically for mobile, but are also available on other devices online. The industry has seen the most growth in this category over the past 5 years. These surveys are accessible to "on-the-go" participants, which is pretty much everyone these days. Ensure your surveys look good on mobile devices as up to half of your online completes will come through these devices.

Telephone surveys (CATI)

These are surveys conducted over the telephone. CATI implies "computer assisted telephone interviewing." The phone interviewer uses a programmed survey on a computer to assist with typed responses, skip patterns, and logic. These types of surveys are typically more expensive than online surveys because of the additional hours to administer, but they also provide deeper and richer responses because of its active questioning (online is very passive.)

Intercept interviews (face-to-face)

This is typically one of the most expensive and time-consuming methodologies. Intercept interviews are often conducted on-site or at an event. Essentially interviews "intercept" respondents to ask them anywhere from a handful of questions to a script of 15+ questions. A suggestion here is to keep these as short as possible because interviewees are typically trapped for time. Offering an incentive helps. This is administered via clipboard (paper) or through tablet (computer assisted personal interviewing or CAPI.) Read about our case study where Drive Research completed over 600 surveys with the over 1 million visitors to the Great New York State Fair.

Mail surveys

Another expensive form of market research. This involves print-outs of surveys with pre-paid postage return envelopes. The entire survey is scripted on paper including skip patterns and instructions. Data quality is often a concern here because the research firm is at the mercy of the respondent properly answering questions and following instructions and skip patters appropriately.

Although there are a few other quantitative methodologies (neuromarketing, people meters, IVR), these listed above are most popular. Questions about market research or looking for a market research company in Albany, NY? Contact us at or by calling 315-303-2040.

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