Benefits of Working with a PR Polling Company

The benefits of working with a PR polling company are sometimes underestimated.

Through this, you gain access to databases of consumers and business professionals who help fuel your business's success.

You can also add legitimacy and reliability to your company at the same time when releasing public relations survey results to the media.

In this blog, you will learn more about the many advantages of working with a PR market research company.

5 Benefits of Working with a  PR Polling Company

What Is PR Polling?

PR polling is meant to drive press coverage. It is not like traditional market research in that its sole intention is to serve as a public, newsworthy story. 

To ensure it's newsworthy, it has to survive massive amounts of intense scrutiny from the public while driving the public's interest at the same time.

Why Companies Conduct PR Surveys?

Businesses seek the opinions of the public for numerous reasons. American companies often ask several questions when a customer goes through the checkout process. 

Much of the time, these questions and answers are part of a PR poll. But you don't have to wait until the checkout process to do a PR poll. 

Instead, companies of every sort -- car manufacturers, beauty specialists, and even cereal producers -- can conduct PR surveys before a customer or vendor ever walks through the door for the first time. 

In fact, conducting this type of market research with both existing and potential customers and partners is a cornerstone to converting the latter into a form of revenue generation.

5 Benefits of Working with a PR Polling Company

1. Quick Third-Party Reference When Doing Press Releases

When press releases are published, the content's legitimacy is generally checked to confirm myths from facts.

It's best to have a network of quick, third-party references you can use to verify your own myths and facts.

In doing so, you are more likely to disseminate PR that's well-received by the public thanks to its credibility.

2. Increased Legitimacy and Reliability 

Having PR that is legitimate and reliable should be at the core of your marketing endeavors. 

Any type of press that goes out should lift up your brand and not tear it down, but this is only possible if your press is based on hardcore facts and provable claims.

With a PR polling company, like Drive Research, in your corner, you get just that. 

3. Enhanced Guidance and Advice on the Process

Not sure how to do conduct an online survey? This is why partnering with a PR polling company proves to be of the utmost value to most brands. 

Even a 3-question survey with existing customers can revolutionize a brand's ability to develop a customer persona.

And with a customer persona comes the ability to target consumers who are most likely to buy a certain product or service. 

4. Access to Numerous Databases

PR polling companies have access to numerous databases with information on millions of people.

When you partner with a third-party market research company you can often access these databases and leverage personalized data on each person. 

How can you leverage it? You can easily use it to determine a person's most likely time to shop for your product or service. 

You can also use it to pinpoint where a person is most likely to buy, the reason(s) behind the purchase, and whether or not the person is likely to return as a future customer.

With this type of information, your marketing efforts can become much more defined and successful. 

5. Discounted Expenses

Lastly, working with a PR polling company comes with the advantage of accessing thousands of databases at a discounted price.

And with discounted expenses and costs comes the ability to put more time and money toward core business expenses.

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We also offer a consultative approach to all market research projects to assure your team uses the data in a way that will offer the most return on your investment.

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