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As a market research company in Buffalo, our team has conducted a number of customer surveys across Upstate New York. Customer surveys are one of the best, if not the most valuable type of market research study your organization can conduct. The return on investment (ROI) on a customer survey is extremely high.

The ROI revolves around the low cost associated with using your in-house customer contact list. Costs with market research increase if you need to reach out to panels or through social media to acquire respondents. However, this is not a barrier when it comes to customer surveys. Whether you have emails, phone numbers, or mailing addresses, it becomes much easier to conduct the study because you have the list and you don't have to pay for it.

market research company buffalo customer survey options

If you are looking for a market research company in Buffalo to manage your customer survey, here are 3 options to consider.

Customer Survey Option 1: Online Survey or Email Survey

Among the 3 customer survey options, the online survey or email survey will be your least expensive. Why? It's easy to digitally create a link or email invitations and send it to thousands of customers with one click. However, with phone and mail surveys the story is different. Phone calls require a lot of manual labor to dial through an extensive database. Mail surveys require a lot of printing, assembly, and postage expenses.

Email surveys offer the highest ROI among the 3 options because of this. Results can be obtained more quickly as well. Nearly all returns are received within 24 hours of an invite. When compared to telephone or mail surveys, it may take weeks or months to equal a response you can get in 1 day with an online or email survey.

Customer Survey Option 2: Telephone Survey

Telephone surveys are the second of 3 options for a customer survey when working with a market research company in Buffalo. What telephone surveys offer that email surveys cannot is two-way communication. With email surveys you are at the mercy of how much or how little a respondent wants to type when answering your questions. With a phone survey a live interviewer can probe on questions and dig into responses. The process is more conversational and exploratory than an online or mail survey.

Customer Survey Option 3: Mail Survey

The final option is a mail survey for your customer market research. Many organizations choose this because they want to reach all of their customers. If you choose to go the email route, you may not be able to get feedback from older audiences who do not use email. Or you may not be getting feedback from an audience who is not online often enough to see the invite or reminder.

Mail surveys involve several steps. This includes printing of envelopes, cover letters, surveys, return envelopes, outgoing and incoming postage, and any permits associated with bulk mailings. These costs add up and when coupled with the lengthy amount of time to assemble, wait for a return, and then data enter hundreds if not thousands of cases, many organizations choose to go in a different direction with their market research company in Buffalo.

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