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  • market research options for small business on a budget

    2 Market Research Options for Small Businesses on a Budget

    Market research does not always have to be terribly expensive for your small business. If you work with an experienced and strategic market research firm, you will always feel like you received value from the project no matter what was spent. Strong market research firms go beyond the data for you. Too many market research companies are data-heavy and insight light. This means they spend too much time trying to impress you with tables and the number of pages in your final report, and not enough

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  • customer satisfaction survey firm ny drive research

    Customer Satisfaction Survey Firm | NY

    One of my favorite business magazines to read through every month is Inc. The Magazine for Growing Companies. The cover article on a former edition was titled 29 Skills Every Founder Needs to Master. The article breaks down these 29 skills into mini case summaries and stories written by founders of various organizations, each covering a different topic. One that particularly caught my attention and was relevant to market research was Number 18 titled "How to Humble Yourself to Customers" via

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