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  • Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Drive Research

    Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Wondering how a customer survey can be used to boost online review scores? Market research to the rescue! In this post, we discuss a recently completed project conducted with a software company. The company wanted to gather insight from customers, but also gather testimonials and reviews from customers who reported being highly satisfied. It seems like a great way to tackle two objectives through one customer survey, right? Drive Research, a customer survey company, understands the real value 

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  • how to fix 3 major customer survey mistakes | error symbol

    3 Mistakes that Ruin Customer Surveys and How to Fix Them

    Customer surveys (CX) are an important component of any organization’s business strategy. They are essential for gaining competitive advantages, understanding strengths and weaknesses, forging positive relationships, driving business growth, and much more. Customer surveys are crucial to the success of any business. However, there are many common mistakes that ruin the survey experience for customers, resulting in poor quality data and feedback. In this blog post, our national customer survey

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  • case study - customer survey for a bank - green square with dollar sign

    Customer Survey for a Bank | Email and Phone Banking Survey

    Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone in cooperation with the agency of record for the financial institution. A feedback survey is an excellent Voice of Customer (VoC) tool to acquire measurements of satisfaction, drivers to loyalty, and how a bank can simply better serve its audience. Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone. Learn more about the objectives, approach, and results from this study. Objec

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  • case-study-client-satisfaction-survey-fundraising-06182019

    Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey for Fundraising Organization

    Most businesses check in with their clients from time to time to maintain their relationships and informally assess client needs. However, what if you are looking for a more holistic view of client satisfaction? You won't find this information easily through courtesy emails and phone calls. To really understand how your clients feel, you might want to consider partnering with a market research company to conduct a client satisfaction survey. By using a third party to speak with your clients, or

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  • Should You Use Customer Feedback Surveys | 4 Things to Consider

    Should You Use Customer Feedback Surveys? | 4 Things to Consider

    Customer feedback surveys. It is something a lot of companies swear by and cannot do without. Those who do not do it typically want to do it but just have not had the time, budget, or expertise to apply it. Customer feedback surveys come in many shapes in sizes. The important part is instituting something to collect and review comments from your customers. Here are some examples of forms of customer feedback surveys: Comment cards at your retail store or restaurant Email surveys sent after the

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  • improvements-email-survey-market-research-08202018

    3 Simple Improvements to Your Customer Email Survey | National Firm

    Customer surveys conducted through email are one of the easiest market research projects to have up and running quickly. Organizations across the world use customer surveys to listen to customer feedback, drive change in an organization, and collect data to assist with difficult decisions. However, because they are so easy to implement, organizations often pull the trigger too quickly to launch without fully examining options to improve it. This is particularly true for organizations who choose

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  • best-time-send-customer-survey-market-research-08172018

    When is the Best Time to Send a Customer Survey?

    Customer experience, perception, and likelihood to recommend are common market research buzz words used these days. Many organizations know the power of customer surveys and value they provide, but are you wondering if there is a "right" time to send a customer survey? The short answer is yes. However, the ideal time for one organization may not be the same for another. Customer research is not a "one size fits all" approach. The way a customer survey is sent, how often customer surveys are se

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  • start-customer-satisfaction-survey-market-research-06052018

    4 Steps to Get Started With a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

    Of all of the different types of market research projects an organization can pursue, a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) is likely the most widely used. Why? The process is simple and informative. Doesn't every organization want to know how they are performing? What do customers or users think about their product or service? Hopefully the answer is yes. The results from a customer satisfaction survey are used to drive improvements and measure performance. CSAT studies typically involv

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  • conduct customer satisfaction market research tips

    5 Options to Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Customer satisfaction market research is likely the most common form of market research conducted on a daily, week, monthly, and yearly basis. It involves the simple act of reaching out and asking customers for feedback, both good and bad. Then it is up to the organization or its market research vendor to analyze and report on the feedback. Far too many organizations ask and collect feedback but do nothing with it. This happens far too frequently and is not recommend. One of the worst outcomes

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  • syracuse-market-research-tips-04172018

    Syracuse Market Research Company Offers 4 Tips for Your Customer Survey

    A customer survey can offer an organization a lot of value and return on investment. At it's core, it is the essence of market research. It involves formally reaching out to customers, asking for feedback, and taking action on results. Our Syracuse market research company has completed a lot of customer surveys over the years. There are 4 very basic principles that can help you with your next customer survey. Here is the 10 step customer survey process: Market research proposal Kickoff meetin

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  • survey-performance-bonuses-market-research-03082018

    5 Dangers of Tying Customer Surveys to Performance Bonuses

    Warning! Tying customer survey responses to performance bonuses can be a dangerous path. Yet, so many organizations continue to tie performance and bonuses heavily to customer feedback and customer satisfaction. The principle itself is a sound one. If you keep our customers happy, our business succeeds, so our employees should succeed too. However, many organizations have the the purpose misaligned. The feedback should be unbiased and real, not forcibly aiming the participant to choose a high s

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  • market-research-faq-satisfaction-firm-02122018

    Market Research FAQs | Customer Satisfaction Firm

    Market research is designed to answer your most challenging business and organizational questions. Depending on your objectives and needs, market research can address a variety of different topics. These can include customer and non-customer objectives. They can also address current market or growth market objectives. What are some of the common items organizations like to address with market research? In this post, we'll cover some of the main drivers as to why companies choose to embark on ma

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