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  • Blog: Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    A common challenge among marketers is not seeing enough returns from their advertising efforts. It’s frustrating to spend money and time on a campaign that generates zero results. A surefire way to feel confident about investing resources into advertising is by testing its appeal first. Advertising testing with market research enables businesses to test their copy, design, ad channels, and messaging strategies before they go to market. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about advertisin

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  • business man playing chess against a competitor

    Best Types of Competitive Assessments (+ Pros & Cons)

    Whether you're Amazon, a local brick-and-mortar store, or an online Etsy shop, chances are you have competitors – and lots of them. Therefore, conducting a competitor analysis can be extremely influential in attracting and retaining customers. Luckily, there are many types of competitive assessments that can tackle your unique needs, big or small. In this post, we’ll cover the best options for competitor assessments including: Website competitor audits  Competitor product or service analy

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  • Conducting Stadium Experience Surveys: What Do Fans Really Want?

    There are many factors that contribute to a spectacular stadium experience. Good food, comfortable seating, clean bathrooms, and available parking to name a few. For fans, it's more than just the sport they are watching or the music act they are seeing that impacts their experience. Stadium experience surveys are an excellent tool to truly understand what specific factors drive attendance to a venue outside of the entertainment act. They can also provide insight into areas of satisfaction,

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  • Blog: Ultimate Guide to Market Research for Startups in 2023

    Market Research for Startups [2023 Ultimate Guide]

    Do you have a great business or product idea? Are you entertaining the idea of launching a startup? Perhaps there is no more exciting time than the spot you are in right now. How do I know? I’ve been there. My startup idea just happened to be a market research firm, so I am very excited to share my expertise on both of these topics. Startup market research can answer the common questions racing through your mind. Combatting the excitement and potential of your startup idea are likely some s

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  • Blog: In-Person Market Research is Dead: Reasons to Go Virtual

    How to Reshape Your Market Research for the Digital World

    The market research space is no easy one to explore. If you are looking to conduct a project, you are not short of options. The decision of what type of market research to conduct often starts with choosing between in-person methodologies (e.g., face-to-face) or virtual approaches. In this blog post, our market research company discusses some of the drivers of remote technologies and their benefits to help you better understand how to communicate and advocate for online techniques going forw

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  • how much does market research cost

    How Much Does Market Research Cost?

    The cost of market research depends on a variety of factors – audience, methodology, and incentives to name a few. For example, a simple online survey that collects 100 responses from a general population will be less expensive than a phone survey that collects 1,000 responses from millennial females. While there is no average number for market research costs, it can be helpful to understand what impacts price. In this blog post, we'll discuss these factors in more detail as well as compare

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  • Blog: Investing in Competitive Assessments: Why It's a Profitable Idea

    Investing in Competitive Assessments: Why It's a Profitable Idea

    We all want to know what our rivals are up to–the good news is that investing in competitive assessment can do just that. Roughly 53% of CEOs are uneasy about rival businesses, according to recent research. But investing in a competitive analysis gives you valuable insight that can propel your company forward–and way ahead of your rivals. In this post, we’ll be covering: A quick overview of rival assessments  Reasons to conduct assessments How often you should run assessments  Best fiel

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  • Blog: Example Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Next Collab

    Example Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Next Collab

    These days, few marketing initiatives are nearly as successful as influencer marketing campaigns. However, this is still a relatively new area of marketing, which means there are still plenty of questions about what an influencer campaign looks like and how to make it successful. Let's take a closer look at some of the most successful example influencer marketing campaigns and what ties them together. These can serve as great examples of how brands can create long-term influencer partnerships

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  • Blog: Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tools, & Best Practices

    Pro tip! Tracking your marketing analytics is the best thing you can do for your business. It's a way to monitor the success of your brand while targeting key areas. With analytical data, brands can improve productivity, measure their competition, and complete other related actions. The power is yours when you can interpret these website analytics! But measuring digital marketing analytics is easier said than done. For example, what platform is best? What should you track? Most importantly,

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  • Blog: Agreement, influencer partnership concept

    Building Long-Term Influencer Partnerships

    Everyone is talking about how powerful influencer marketing is for brands. And many experts weigh in on how to execute the perfect campaign with content creators. But the main challenge businesses face is building meaningful, long-term influencer partnerships. Why is that important? Can't I just find more content creators to work with? Yes, you can, but the longer you work with a particular creator the more you learn about what type of content and promotion work with their audience. You al

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  • Blog: Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Airline Market Research: Options to Consider in 2023

    Investing in airline market research is the move to make in 2023. It’s no secret the last two years have been challenging for the airline industry. However, the good news is that “blue skies” are forecasted to return this year. According to Airlines.iata, the industry will be profitable again for the first time since 2019. Losses will begin to ease, and passenger counts will continue to increase. As the demand for travel increases in 2023, the need for airlines to be efficient will be the k

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  • Blog: Influencer Partnerships: 7 Ideas for Collaborating with Creators

    Influencer Partnerships: 7 Ideas for Collaborating with Creators

    Social media is one of, if not the most influential inventions of the last decade. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, nearly half of the world’s population is active on some kind of social media site. It once started as a way for people to connect with family and friends. But, social media has since turned into a profitable avenue for brands to promote their products and services. Although, as more users became inundated with ads the less impact they had. It’s why influencer part

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