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  • How to Recruit Consumers for Shop-Alongs? | Grocery Market Research Company

    How to Recruit Consumers for Shop-Alongs? | Grocery Market Research Company

    There are a variety of market research options for grocery stores. Grocery research studies may include shop-alongs, mobile ethnography, intercept surveys, and mystery shopping. Each of these methodologies offers valuable and data-driven insights for the retail industry. In fact, our grocery market research company could make a case for why one of these options is better than the next. In order to select the best market research study for your supermarket, it is important to take a close look

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  • Mobile Ethnography Study: What Does Gen Z Think of School Provided Lunches?

    How does your child feel about school provided cafeteria lunches? Our client, a multi-generational research company, set out to gather opinions from Gen Z middle schoolers to answer this exact question. According to this article, Gen Z influences $600 billion in spending annually, makes up 40% of our consumer base, and spends $44 billion each year. That’s a lot of consumer power. Generation Z makes up those who are 6th through 9th graders (typically aged 11 to 14) which can pose a challenge to

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  • 3 Reasons Your Credit Union Needs to Survey Non-Members

    3 Reasons Your Credit Union Needs to Survey Non-Members

    A credit union has plenty of market research options dedicated to solving common challenges of a financial institution. Many financial market research studies center around new, current, and past members, such as new account surveys, member satisfaction surveys, and closed account surveys. While these three surveys are great resources for banks or credit unions, there is a study that often goes overlooked: non-member community surveys. Our bank and credit union market research company shares t

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  • Meeting Space in Syracuse, NY | Conference Room Rental

    Finding meeting spaces in Syracuse, NY can prove to be a difficult task. Depending on your needs some spaces may not offer the capabilities you need for the meeting or the location may not be convenient. It may take countless hours of research and calls to find a spot that meets your specifications. Find a meeting space in Syracuse, NY that is convenient, affordable, cutting-edge, and offers everything you need. Here are 14 benefits and amenities of the Drive Research meeting and conference

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  • three benefits of a non-member survey for credit unions | bank in clouds

    3 Main Benefits of Non-Member Community Surveys for Credit Unions

    Non-member community surveys for banks and credit unions are able to reach an entirely new audience and network of people. Just like there are major advantages of conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys with customers of your bank, the same can be said of collecting feedback from those who are currently banking elsewhere. The three main benefits of surveying non-members and what our bank and credit union market research company will talk about it greater detail in this blog post are:

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  • critical-audiences-brand-positioning-market-research-06132019

    3 Critical Audiences for a Brand Positioning Study

    Are you looking to enhance your brand’s marketing communication materials to be more well-received by your target audience? Maybe you are unsure if the direction your organization is headed will make your brand stand out among your industry? Or is it time to update your logo or packaging for a fresh new look? A brand positioning study is the answer to solving these business objectives as it a popular research methodology for those looking to rebrand or reposition their organization to improve s

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  • business-tips-conference-rental-syracuse-05242019

    Conference & Meeting Room Rental in Syracuse

    When renting a conference or training room in Syracuse, NY it is important the rented space is best suited for the purpose of your meeting. The right conference space can mean the difference between a successful work session or unfocused team members keeping their eyes on the exit. Interested in renting a meeting room in Syracuse? Our brand new conference room facility is fully equipped for any corporate meeting, workshop, or training session. Consider these 6 details below to help steer your d

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  • experimental-survey-market-research-05142019

    What is an Experiential Survey? | Gamification in Market Research

    Consumer surveys have evolved over the years, with the transition from traditional research methodologies such as mail and telephone surveys to enhanced experiential surveys. More specifically, experiential and online surveys continue to further adapt to consumer technology trends with shopping receipt surveys, mobile optimized surveys, and recently gamification. Gamification is the concept of incorporating gaming elements into other activities, often for businesses. The main idea behind gamif

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  • 4 Tips to Build a Better Email Survey

    4 Tips to Build a Better Email Survey

    Email is one of, if not the most popular channels for sending surveys. When executed correctly, email surveys allow you to receive direct customer feedback in a quick and cost effective fashion. Many organizations understand the power of email surveys and the value they provide. However, for the results to be a true representation of a larger demographic your email survey must trigger a high customer response rate. The more responses you get from your customers, the greater the power of your r

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  • mood-board-market-research-03262019

    Using Mood Boards for Market Research

    Mood boards are especially helpful when conducting market research. They allow for a genuine reflection of what a customer's experience is like when interacting with a brand or product. A mood board is a visual tool aiming to represent a certain atmosphere or trigger a specific feeling. It’s as if you had a Pinterest board displayed physically in front of you. *Mind blown.* When leveraged correctly, you can use mood boards to drive your market research, improve your product, and refine all mar

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  • retail-ethnography-market-research-02222019

    4 Key Points About Retail Ethnography

    Ethnography is a form of market research where observers watch consumers interact with products in a natural setting. One of the more common locations for ethnography research is in a retail setting. Ethnography is made easy in this setting typically because stores already have cameras and observational tools as part of their data analytics and loss prevention software programs. Thinking about using retail ethnography to help you understand your shopper experience at your store? The observation

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