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  • using project workplans in market research

    Using Project Workplans in Market Research

    One item Drive Research always prepares for clients is a project workplan. With many market research projects, even after the proposal is reviewed and signed off on by a new client, there is still some trepidation as to what to expect, how the process will work, and what is needed. At the end of the day market research is a consulting service, and the value received is often tough to visualize at the very beginning of a project because in large part, the outcome is undefined. A market researc

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  • why kick off meeting are important in market research

    Why Kickoff Meetings are Important in Market Research

    Meetings are a necessary evil in business. Whether in-person, over the phone, or through web conference, you are bound to participate in meetings in market research on a regular basis. It's important to make this time as well-spent as possible, because everyone is being pulled from their day-to-day activities to join. So in reality, a one hour meeting of five people is one hour of time spent for each person, equaling five hours of total company time spent. Author Sam Carpenter alludes to this

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  • using checklists and handbooks in market research

    Using Checklists and Handbooks in Market Research

    In the book titled Work the System written by Sam Carpenter, the author talks a lot about improving efficiency and workflow through process documentation. Carpenter writes about his experience at his former company Centratel, a telephone service provider. At Centratel, processes, quality, and poor service had progressively gotten worse to the point where he was forced to make massive changes as he was regularly putting in over 100 hours a week. Carpenter did some in-depth analysis of his operat

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  • creating a project workplan market research company buffalo ny

    Creating a Project Workplan | Market Research Company Buffalo NY

    Market research is a niche service. Many professionals hire a market research company having no prior experience in the field. Therefore they rely heavily on their market research team to guide them through the process. An underutilized tool among market research companies is a project workplan. A project workplan in market research communicates many things to a paying organization. First, the workplan shows the market research company has a plan in place and is committed to a specific timefram

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  • tips for choosing a local market research company Syracuse ny

    6 Tips for Choosing a Local Market Research Company | Syracuse NY

    Choosing a local market research company in Syracuse, NY can become a time-intensive and labor-intensive task. Combining the choice of methodology, approaches, and options can make the decision-making process feel much like choosing from different shades of paint swabs. This post will help guide you through the decision-making process for choosing a local market research company offering 6 important factors to consider. Not sure which market research company is right for your business? A go

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  • keys to market research customer service

    4 Keys to A+ Market Research Customer Service | Market Research Firm NY

    In order to be successful in market research or in any business setting, you will have to learn quickly about client etiquette and customer relationships. Dealing with customers in a professional setting on a day-to-day basis is not something we take lightly at Drive Research. Managing clients in market research is equally as important as managing their market research project. Here are 4 simple tips to help you with your client relationship building in market research, all of which are emplo

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  • choosing a methodology research firm upstate ny

    Choosing a Methodology: Explore or Measure? | Research Firm Upstate NY

    The one thing I love about a career in market research is the ability to learn something new each day. It may not be a ground-breaking innovative learning, but it could be just a simple twist of words that make you re-think something you've learned in the past that provides a whole new perspective. The "learning something new each day" sounds cliche because it is. However, many careers claim to offer new perspectives each day, but I can tell you a career in market research actually delivers on t

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