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  • how much does market research cost

    How Much Does Market Research Cost? | Choose Wisely

    The cost of market research is dependent on the size and scope of your project needs. For instance, a simple online survey that obtains 100 completes and includes a small report from a market research consultant will be less expensive than a 1,000+ complete phone survey with a comprehensive report. The cost of market research is relative to a number of factors. What is the most expensive survey methodology? When comparing in-person, phone, mail, and online surveys, the most impactful cost

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  • things we wish you knew about market research

    5 Things We Wish You Knew About Market Research

    As I've written about before in a post titled 8 Reasons Businesses Avoid Market Research, far too many decision-makers do not integrate custom market research into their daily operations for a variety of reasons. Some do not see the value, some do not have the time, and some simply do not believe market research can make an impact. Others believe the data will not tell them anything they don't already know. So for all of the non-believers in customer experience (CX) and voice of customer (VoC),

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  • list of free market research resources start up small businesses

    A List of Free Market Research Resources for Start-up Small Businesses

    Market research educates and guides small businesses towards the right strategy. Most start-up companies conduct some form of market research whether it is formal or informal. This could be as something as simple as reviewing competitor sites, reading openly sourced industry content available online, or creating a short rating or comment box on a website. Market research is defined as gathering information about industries, consumers, or marketing. We hope this post helps you get through the ma

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  • list of free market research resources start up small businesses

    A List of Free Market Research Resources

    Although custom market research is often suggested for a new small business, we understand budgets can be tight during the start-up grind. Fortunately, plenty of free resources exist online which helps educate you on your customers and your industry. Having a background in both the area of a start-up and market research field, we thought we'd share some of these invaluable resources start-up small businesses can use to conduct market research.

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  • storytelling business tips

    Why is Storytelling Popular in Business?

    Storytelling in business settings has become extremely popular over the last decade. Storytelling has weaved its way into all facets of data analysis, branding, marketing, and advertising. Stories are nothing new, so what has caused it to find its way into all departments? Here are 5 key drivers that have increased usage of storytelling in data settings. Overwhelming amount of data The size of datasets you are working with increase every second. Numbers continue to roll-into CRM systems,

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  • build customer panel market research syracuse

    Tips for Building Your Customer Panel | Market Research Syracuse, NY

    Marketing research panels are a hot trend in the industry right now. What is a panel in market research? Find out more here. Panels offer mutual benefits for the client and for the consumer. Clients benefit from panels by getting closer to their customers, obtaining faster insights (within 24 hours), seeing higher response rates (upwards of 30% on surveys), and gathering richer and deeper profiles of users. All while enjoying the cost savings versus more traditional research such as telephone su

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  • avoid market research tips

    Top 8 Reasons Businesses Avoid Market Research

    Market research. People either love it or hate it depending on their past exposure to it. It seems to be a very polarizing topic in business where you'll either hear one of two stories. Story one, how a concept testing project led to a few critical improvements to a product that led to a projected 10% increase in sales. Story two, a focus group of participants that absolutely hated a new branding campaign but the client ignored some of the feedback and launched one of the most successful re-imag

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  • build a better research interview market research

    4 Tips to Build a Better Research Interview | Market Research Tips

    In-depth interviews (IDIs) whether conducted by phone or in-person can offer an extensive look into the mind-frame of your customer. A one-on-one conversation allows the interview to dig deeper on specific comments and pull-out critical information about perceptions, decision-making processes, or loyalty to a product or company. Although I focused a prior post on 5 more basic tips to conduct IDIs, this post will provide 4 more unique tips to assist you with your qualitative research work. Rec

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  • Is Top-of-Mind Awareness Still Important | Digital Market Research Company

    Is Top-of-Mind Awareness Still Important? | Digital Market Research Company

    It's a standard practice in most image and awareness surveys or brand equity studies. The survey starts with a blinded introduction with no mention of a sponsor. This usually leads to a question similar to "When thinking about SUVs what is the first brand that comes to mind?" Or "When thinking about toothpaste, which brand comes to mind first?" Similarly, the next series of questions typically involves a few more "what else comes to mind" or a series of yes and no questions asking "Are you aware

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  • difference between commodity and advisor market research

    The Difference Between a Commodity and Advisor in Market Research

    Over the years, I've seen far too many market research vendors focus on executing or administering the research instead of working as an advisor to their customers. Although the administration of such a project is key (programming surveys, managing fieldwork, and providing results), vendors often lose sight of the bigger picture. In the majority of cases, customers are buying market research advice, not the tools. Regardless of the the scope and statement of work, as a market research consultant

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  • why live customer service still matters for banks and credit unions

    Why Live Customer Service Still Matters for Banks and Credit Unions

    The industry where the importance of customer service is still most evident is banking and finance. Our market research for financial institutions have proven this. Yes, still true even with growth in mobile banking. Over the past 5 years there has been an incredible amount of attention paid to mobile apps and online banking for customers and rightfully so. The 2015 State of Bank & Credit Union Marketing report confirmed this push. The survey was conducted among bank and credit union decision-ma

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  • double sale of market research

    The Double-Sale of Market Research

    One distinctive factor differentiating supplier side research from client-side market research is the requirement of selling the process. Clients who hire their own in-house market research team clearly have a need for market research. In client-side research, teams have to "sell" to their management team when they need specific market research projects. For example, this internal sale would involve the Target research team convincing Target management to commission customer focus groups to und

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