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Voice of Customer (VoC)

Drive's VoC places a central focus on your customer by understanding perceptions, thoughts, opinions, behaviors, and actions. VoC can shed light on specific customer needs and prioritize actionable improvements for your company. Remember, better is the opinion of the buyer, not the builder. Listen. Take action.


Customer Satisfaction

Looking for a traditional customer satisfaction survey? Our team can help. Our full-service customer satisfaction survey company recommends questions and listens to your needs to create unique questions. We recommend best-practice benchmarks and design the survey, manage the fieldwork, and provide you with a comprehensive report to take action.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research promoting engaging and interactive discussions. Groups at Drive Research are made up of 4 to 12 participants and are professionally moderated to ensure we ask the questions you want the answers to. Drive encourages clients to watch live and collaborate with the moderator during breaks.


Qualitative Recruiting

Find out how Drive Research can help you find highly targeted participants for your qualitative market research. We specialize in online recruiting including using our national panel and social media ads to recruit high-quality participants cost-effectively and quickly to meet even the most challenging deadlines. Learn more about how we do things better and differently.

Online Surveys

These surveys are commonplace at Drive Research because they are affordable and offer a fast turn-around. There is a science to survey design, fieldwork management, and reporting. Too many market research vendors employ a data-heavy, insight-light approach. Drive follows an exclusive process to produce actionable solutions.

Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are completed through one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDIs) or a large-scale study at Drive. Unlike online surveys, research interviews allow for two-way conversation where interviewers can probe to acquire more depth or clarification. These reach-outs with a personal touch carry value beyond the data you receive.

A CX program with Drive uses multiple customer surveys at the most critical touchpoints of their buying journey. In a digital world, your customers interact with your company 24-7-365. They don't stop. Why should your market research? CX creates a continual loop of data, insights, and improvements. CX is what market research is about.

Customer Experience (CX)

User Experience (UX)

UX research is valuable for businesses looking to revamp or launch a website. The Drive Research methodology to UX utilizes screen sharing technologies with a trained interviewer, interviewee, and a question guide. We can also conduct live intercepts surveys on your website with visitors through a modal pop-up window to capture in-the-moment feedback.

Feasibility Studies

Wondering if your new product will succeed? Need help acquiring financing for a new business location? A feasibility study will tell your business if your venture is a green, yellow, or red light and most importantly, how to improve it. Our team offers recommendations on increasing the likelihood to success and can assist with the data required to obtain funding.

ISO 9001 Surveys

Drive Research offers ISO 9001 customer satisfaction surveys to fit your compliance needs. Our ISO surveys can be scaled to meet minimum requirements or expanded to be add value to marketing strategies, operations, and lead generation for sales. The choice is yours. Our ISO 9001 customer survey firm can help you get there.

Intercept Surveys

Need to complete face-to-face interviews with participants attending specific events, festivals, or store locations? Use intercept interviews to capture critical in-the-moment feedback from visitors. Drive can assist you with any of your intercept survey needs from survey design on paper or tablet, to fieldwork, to reporting.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a powerful methodology to help understand the true customer experience. Trained shoppers pose as real-life customers in real-life scenarios. Experiences and evaluation forms can be customized for any project or industry. Mystery shopping provides enlightening data through the eyes of expert shoppers.

Voice of Employee (VoE)

The story goes...happy employees = happy customers. Right?Voice of Employee (VoE) research is often overlooked in the market research world but it can be the most impactful. Using a third-party market research company is essential to keep the data confidential and anonymous. Drive adds this middle layer to ensure the project flows smoothly.


Customer Panels

Wouldn't every organization like to have a group of pre-qualified customers they could reach out to at a moment's notice and receive feedback instantly? Drive Research creates custom-built customer panels for clients. We structure, manage, and fulfill all of the work involved in this valuable yet time-intensive project. Build a ready-to-use panel for the long-term with Drive.

Competitive Assessments

Competitive assessments are an excellent way to dive deeper into competitor inventories, marketing approaches, costs, and overall strategies. Drive Research is a third-party market research who can profile your competitors through primary and secondary research including any mystery shopping calls or visits that are needed.

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Don't see a service on our list you are interested in? Chances are Drive Research has experience with it. Drive has a passion for keeping up to date with new research trends and methodologies. We're all about using data-driven strategies. Contact us below or send us an email at

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