Competitive Assessment

competitor analysis with drive research

Approach to Competitive Assessments

Competitor assessments is a type of market research project that usually involves several components. These components include both primary and secondary research. Secondary research is conducted online to compile competitor data while some primary research is conducted (typically through mystery shopping) to fill in gaps and evaluate the customer experience (CX).

Our national competitive assessment company scours the internet for data sources and information about your competitors and constructs in-depth profiles for each. We'll work with your team to identify the key competitors your product or service is competing against before beginning. In addition, mystery shopping emails, calls, and visits are typically placed at competitor locations to obtain a full 360-degree evaluation of their operations.

Working With Our National Competitive Assessment Company 

Drive Research follows an exclusive step-by-step and engineered process to our competitor assessment market research. This is valuable as a stand-alone component or as part of a larger project or feasibility study. Competitor assessments help your business better profile the competition, identify marketing messages they use, evaluate weaknesses, and identify opportunity areas for your business to capitalize on. They are a true measurement tool.

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