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In-home use tests (IHUTs) are an efficient and cost-effective market research methodology for testing a product before it is ready for a full-launch. No, products are not tested in a lab or a research facility, but tested by real people who match your target consumer criteria in their home environments.

IHUTS provide brands with clear and accurate results and key recommendations for how to enhance your product offering. In turn, brands know exactly what to expect before releasing their new or existing concept to the masses.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Watch our 60-second explainer video on in-home usage tests to understand a little more about the research process and the benefits.

In-home use tests offer detailed feedback on what consumers are going to think about your product, before it hits the shelves. Our IHUT research company explains this and more in 60-seconds.

What is an In-Home Use Test?

An in-home use test or IHUT is a popular form of market research in which a product is tested with real consumers at their home. Products are to be used in consumer's own environment rather than a testing center or market research facility. IHUTs are most commonly used for consumer research, such as brands looking to test food products, appliances, electronics, and more.

The process of an in-home use test involves shipping participants a certain product to be used in their home environment for an extended period of time. After the amount of time allotted has past, IHUT participants are engaged for their feedback. This typically involves an in-home use test research company conducting phone or in-person interviews.

What are the Benefits of an In-Home Use Test?

In-home use tests are beneficial for gaining a first-hand look into how a consumer interacts with a product. Unlike most market research methodologies, this type of study allows for full interaction and engagement with a product. Participants can touch, feel, and use a product in their most comfortable environments, just as if they were a tried and true customer.

With IHUTS, consumers do not feel as if they are being watched or studied. This approach results in accurate and realistic feedback regarding product satisfaction, purchase intent, usage of the product, and where consumers feel the product can be improved.

This process is even more so beneficial for new product development. Before launching a product to the masses, B2C businesses should take time to conduct in-home use tests. The feedback from real consumers, who match your target audience’s criteria can showcase critical problem areas before moving forward with a full-fledged product launch.

Doing so, businesses are able to increase customer satisfaction, and in-turn increase customer retention.

How are Participants Scheduled for an In-home Use Test?

To conduct this type of market research, our in-home use test research firm first meets with your team to discuss project objectives and requirements, such as:

• Who is your target consumer?
• How many IHUT participants do you need?
• How long will the product be in-use by the participants?

With this information, we recruit IHUT participants through an online screener and again by phone to verify they meet your specific criteria. Our IHUT research company uses a variety of recruitment methods such as online panels and social media.

Once the IHUT participants are scheduled, Drive Research or your IHUT research vendor of choice will administer fieldwork and conduct follow-up interviews.

For more information on scheduling research participants, read: Case Study: In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) Recruitment.

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