How to Improve User Experience (UX) Design with an Online Survey

User experience (UX) design is a common process used by developers to create or improve upon products in order to provide positive experiences to users.

There are many elements or thought processes that go into the design of a website, app, program, etc.

Market research for new product development in the technology sector often focuses on UX design. This involves testing branding, usability, function, and more.

Our user experience research company recommends online surveys to gather relevant and meaningful feedback to fuel the design of a product.

Recently, Drive Research partnered with an artificial intelligence (AI) company to conduct an online survey in order to improve the UX design of a new product built for real estate investors.

This blog post will provide an inside look into the project objectives, approach, and results.

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Are you looking to gather data on the user experience (UX) design of a product or service? An online survey can provide quick and insightful feedback from your target consumer.

Objectives of UX Design Research

An AI company contacted our market research company to conduct a user experience survey. Our team scheduled a brief kickoff meeting with the client to learn more about their project objectives and goals for the research.

The objectives of the UX design study included:

  1. Confirming product fit
  2. Determining aspects of the technology users need the most
  3. Assessing how users will use the product

These combined objectives would help guide the artificial intelligence company in follow-up user experience work of their product.

The product (and therefore the market research) is geared toward real estate investors who own/invest or asset-manage commercial properties for rent in the U.S.

Approach to a User Experience Survey

To address the objectives of the AI firm, Drive Research used an online survey to collect user feedback. The UX survey was administered primarily using an email database.

Respondents were screened to ensure they:

  1. Invested in real estate
  2. Invested in multi-family
  3. Homes or apartment buildings
  4. Owned multiple commercial properties
  5. Were either an asset manager, investment professional, or investor/owner

You may be wondering, “How can I find survey respondents for my user experience research if I don’t have access to an email database?”

If you are looking to conduct a UX design survey, but don’t have access to an email database, there are other resources our team can use to find targeted respondents.

In fact, the most common way Drive Research finds research participants is through social media.

With social media advertisements, our online survey company can utilize behavioral and audience targeting to find your exact screening criteria. Targeted ads to your specified audience will entice users to complete an online survey regarding the design of your product.

Another option we can discuss is the use of our in-house panel of participants. We are never short of options and aim to find even those hard-to-reach respondents.

User Experience Design Survey

Our UX research agency wrote, designed, and programmed the online survey. Once the AI company approved of the web-based survey, Drive Research sent the study via email to the list of contacts.

The UX design online survey took an average of 5 minutes to complete and included 22 questions. The survey received 100 completes. Fieldwork for the survey began on January 29 and lasted until February 9, 2020.

At the 95% confidence interval, the margin of error for these results is +/- 10%. This means if the survey was conducted with another 100 random respondents from the target audience, results would yield within +10% or -10% of the totals 95 out of 100 times.

The artificial intelligence company plans to add additional survey responses to further increase reliability later in 2020.

Findings From the UX Design Survey

Once fieldwork was closed, Drive Research drafted a full report for the client. This report included a background and methodology, an executive summary of key findings, an infographic, respondent persona, and recommendations for how to act on the feedback from the online survey.  

Additionally, our UX research firm provided an appendix, which includes a detailed question-by-question breakdown of the results with relevant cross-tabulations by audience.

The user experience design survey answered key questions for our client, such as:

  1. How informed are investors and what is important to them?
  2. What is the time period and barriers to reviewing investments?
  3. What is the appeal of the integrated concept and expected costs?
  4. What does the competitive landscape look like?
  5. What is the respondent profile?

While key findings and answers from the UX design survey remain private with the AI company, they were successful in providing strategic insights to fuel the next steps in operations, product design, and marketing.

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