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As a market research company that serves Buffalo and Western New York, our team is always working hard for our clients to find survey respondents. More data is always better than less data. The more customers or respondents a market research company has to analyze the more reliable, trustworthy, and credible the findings are.

However, finding survey respondents is not always as easy as it sounds.

People are strapped for time and claim to be busier than ever before. This does not bode well for market research, where market research companies bank on their ability to get respondents to participate in studies in their extra or free time (when that exists).

Struggling to obtain data for your online survey?

Here are 5 sampling options for your market research. Some of which you may have looked at. Others you may not have thought of.

5 Ways to Find Survey Respondents | Market Research Company Buffalo

Need respondents for your survey? It's not as easy as it sounds. Luckily, our market research company in Buffalo is here to help with these 5 options.

Option 1: Customer Contacts

Let's get the most basic form of sampling out of the way. These respondents come directly from your customer contact lists. You can export names, addresses, phone numbers, or emails from your POS system, CRM tool, or newsletter list.

In addition to being the easiest to pull, it is also the least expensive option. This is because you have all of these contacts in-house and you do not have to pay to purchase.

Customer lists are used for customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) which is likely the most common form of market research. CSAT surveys explore loyalty of customers and key drivers to satisfaction.

Voice of Customer (VoC) is another common form of customer market research in Buffalo and other markets. VoC explores needs and wants. It is one of the most in-depth and valuable type of projects you can conduct. All you need is a customer list.

Option 2: Social Media

Another excellent sampling option is social media. Read more about the benefits of using Facebook for market research here. Facebook and Twitter are strong options for B2C market research. This includes both paid and organic posts.

LinkedIn is a strong option for B2B market research where you may need to target specific industries or profiles. This includes InMail, sponsored ads in feeds, and group messages.

Social media can help your organization reach non-customers as well as customers. This is helpful if your survey needs to test market perception or associations. In this type of market research study it wouldn't make sense to survey only customers. Since they are a customer they already have built-in bias to your organization.

Option 3: Purchase Lists

This is a paid option to obtain survey respondents. Several list vendors and providers exist (just a simple Google search will name a few). Although, we'd recommend against purchasing any type of general email list. If the recipient has no relationship with your company, the open and response rates are likely to be incredibly small. Not even worth the minor investment.

Lists are mostly used for phone surveys. They can be purchased for B2B surveys or B2C surveys. List vendors offer cell phone lists and landline numbers for households. You can target by geography, income level, children in household, etc.

Although, as we wrote about in a prior blog post, phone surveys are on the fritz. A large driver of their death is driven by the inability to purchase strong lists.

Option 4: Use a Panel

An option that has emerged over the past decade is the use of market research panels. Essentially these market research panels are groups of respondents across the country and across the world that have opted-into participating in market research.

By opting-in they will respond to any survey invite when sent, are quick to respond, and they offer quality feedback. They understand and enjoy taking surveys so these panels offer incredible value.

When it comes to paying for panel survey respondents, you will pay a cost-per-complete (CPC). This is largely based on the incidence rate. The cost to obtain a response from a left-landed, blonde-haired, female aged 18 to 24 is more than the cost to simply survey females.

Panels are great if your survey has a broad reach. If you are looking to target a niche geography (counties, designated market area (DMA), or ZIP Codes), the panel company in Buffalo won't likely have enough sample to support your needs for 100, 200, or 400 completes.

Social media is an excellent way to back-fill these.

Option 5: Go Where They Are

A final option seems almost so basic, you may have overlooked it. A simple way to obtain survey feedback is to conduct on-site intercept surveys. Although this is a more costly option, it is also one of the most insightful methodologies.

Intercept surveys allow a company to collect feedback in the moment. Here you would hire a market research company in Buffalo or Upstate NY to staff interviewers at a location. The interviewers would intercept customers as they walk the store or exit the store to ask a series of questions.

Because this is completed in-person, response rates will be higher. Face it, it's easier to ignore a survey invite through email than it is to ignore a person asking you to take a survey.

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