Industries of Focus for our Market Research Company in Syracuse, NY

Advertising and Marketing

Drive Research partners with advertising and marketing agencies to conduct surveys, focus groups, and other forms of market research. We can help you refine your marketing messaging, test creative options in a focus group, and help you better understand motivations of your target customers.

Higher Education

If you work in higher education or in a school district, Drive Research has the experience to assist with your next market research study. From community perception studies to enrollment studies, our market research can provide you with the data and insights you need to take actionable next steps.

Healthcare & Hospitals

As consumer confidence grows in the selection of healthcare providers, it is more important than ever for the industry to focus on improving the patient experience. Market research can get you the answers you need from those who matter most and ensure your organization is set up for future success.


When it comes to restaurants it's all about the customer experience (CX) and guest relations. Understand what your customers think about your restaurant, how to find new customers, and understand the ROI of your marketing through custom-built market research surveys.

Small Business

Drive Research has the pleasure working with organizations both large and small. Our clients span geographies and industries. Our partnerships with our clients as just that, partnerships. We work as your strategic consultant using data to drive decisions, catered to your small business needs.

Other Industries
Architecture, Engineering, Construction

When it comes to AEC, there are plenty of market research options. Executive interviews can uncover the factors which influence the decisions. Online surveys can scale customer satisfaction for a firm. Lead generation surveys can collect valuable feedback and drive sales. Choose wisely.

Financial Services

In a highly competitive industry, market research is a must-have. We manage all types of market research for your financial services business from loyalty surveys, to new account opening surveys, to digital experience surveys, to many other studies. Grow your business using data-driven strategies. 


Voice of Customer (VoC) work is essential for the manufacturing and industrial industry. VoC gives you perspective behind the decision-making process for your products and competitors' products and Drive Research gains access and obtains feedback from your most difficult to reach end-users.


Market research and retail were a match made for each other. Whether you want to access customer feedback during point of purchase (POP) through mystery shopping or shop-alongs or obtain in-depth customer experience (CX) data through a follow-up online survey, Drive Research can guide you.

Travel and Tourism

Market research helps your organization attract customers more frequently, attract new customers, and broaden your geographic reach. The true focus of travel and tourism market research is to understand behavior. We dig into the "why", whether it's a focus group, online survey, or through other means.

Don't see your industry listed here? We likely have some background working in it. The exclusive project management process we follow works for all industries and the market research services are interchangeable. Send us an email or give us a call if you have questions.

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