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There may not be a more competitive industry than restaurants. According to Restaurant Business Online, with more than 1 million restaurants in the United States, 50,000 of these establishments will close their doors this year.

How can restaurants continuously see an increase in revenue by serving happy and loyal customers? Market research.

Drive Research helps eateries gain a competitive edge by better profiling your customers, understanding competitive usage, and identifying drivers of loyalty. But receiving the data and feedback is just the beginning of our restaurant research firm.

We work with you as your business consultant to turn insight into action and results.

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Our Restaurant Market Research Services 

By better profiling customers and knowing why they choose your restaurant over competitors, restaurant owners receive fact-based data to target customers and similar audiences both online and offline. Plus, our custom restaurant market research services aim to help restaurant managers optimize their advertising approach and return on investment (ROI).

Here are just a few of the popular market research services our team offers:

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Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Restaurant customer surveys provide valuable insights into the factors influencing customers' choices to dine out, their dining habits at other establishments, their motivations for returning, and areas where the restaurant can enhance its services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive Research offers comprehensive survey management services, covering everything from survey design and programming to fieldwork and data analysis, ensuring food businesses can gain actionable insights to optimize their operations and customer experiences.


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Dine-alongs allow restaurants to receive in-the-moment, actionable feedback from their customers. This type of restaurant market research involves an on-site interviewer sitting alongside a customer while they eat their meal to evaluate various consumer touchpoints.

As a full-service market research firm, our team can manage all or one aspect of the study including recruiting participants, moderating interviews, and reporting on the findings.


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Focus Groups

Drive Research offers restaurants the option to conduct in-person or online focus groups with specific target groups including current, new, and potential diners. This enables dining establishments to gain crucial insights into industry trends, menu preferences, competitor analysis, and more.

Our services include recruitment, moderation, hosting at our facility, comprehensive reporting, and additional support, ensuring restaurants can solely focus on making informed decisions based on valuable customer feedback.


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Menu Optimization

Menu optimization is a vital strategy for restaurants to attract and satisfy customers. This form of market research empowers restaurants to assess menu items, design, pricing, and other factors that influence customer choices.

By leveraging these insights, establishments can refine their offerings and create an appealing dining experience that resonates with their target audience, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gain valuable insights into customers' preferences and stay ahead of your competition by conducting custom restaurant market research.

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Why Brands Love Working With Our Market Research Company

Our success is your success. Restaurants and food businesses employing market research with Drive Research remain a step ahead of their counterparts in a highly competitive industry. It’s why we’ve earned over 200 5-star Google ratings. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is why our clients love working with us.