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Advertising market research takes gut feelings and guesses out of your marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to spending blindly and hello to evidence-based data-driven tactics.

Link clicks, email open rates, and form fills are great metrics – but, they do not always reflect the true success of an advertising campaign.

Using a national advertising market research company like Drive Research reduces the risk of failure and underachieving marketing campaigns.

Approach to Advertising Market Research

Drive Research works with advertising and marketing firms to optimize messaging, explore consumer behavior, and test creative.

Additionally, marketers can use market research to understand the level of awareness, perception, and buying behaviors of their client’s target customers.

Our advertising and marketing research company places your creative in front of real customers to collect feedback so your campaign can be enhanced for the best possible ROI.

Advertising Market Research Services

We preach better data, better decisions, better strategy at Drive Research. Marketing and advertising agencies can work hand-in-hand with our advertising market research services to accomplish this.

Consider custom advertising market research services such as:

  • Campaign Evaluation Surveys: A campaign evaluation survey provides key performance indicators such as changes in brand awareness, changes in brand perception, potential increases in likelihood to purchase, additional data on the source(s) of awareness, and much more.
  • Website User Experience (UX) Research: UX market research collects feedback from users of your client’s site to identify likes, dislikes, user paths, important criteria, improvements, and other critical information.
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys: As an advertising or marketing agency, you understand it’s easier to keep an existing client than to gain a new one. CSATs measure client retention, loyalty, and price sensitivity to ensure no stone is left unturned.
  • Ad Concept Testing Research: Ad concept testing allows advertisers to determine the best pricing for a product, brand concepts, positioning strategies through surveys or in-depth interviews with their target consumer.
  • Focus Groups: Focus groups play an integral role in defining advertising strategy as they allow a group of target audiences to discuss and react to commercials, logos, promotional advertisements and more.

These are just a few of the advertising market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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