Case Study: Higher Education Website Research

Website research is trending! Wondering why?

Everything is at our fingertips online. In fact, I'd be surprised to hear a business does not have a website. Even if a business does a lot of communication face-to-face, or through other mediums, its website is key to its communication with customers and consumers.

Is your website up to snuff? Recently, a college was asking that same question. Website research is able to find the answers from target audiences to ensure their needs on being met.

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Learn more about this website research project for a higher-ed institution below.

Case Study: Higher Education Website Research

Put your website to the test with market research!


A New York State college partnered with Drive Research, a higher-ed market research company, on a website survey project. The objectives of the market research were to understand what type of information is most important to specific audiences and most frequently searched by specific audiences. The survey was sent to a variety of target audiences including students, faculty, alumni, parents, and community members. This provided the client team with insight to take actionable next steps to improve its website.


To address these objectives, Drive Research developed an online survey. The website survey consisted of 24 questions and took respondents 3 minutes to complete. This survey was part of a package of online surveys, called Speedback Surveys.

The survey projects provided the client team with timely, cost-effective, and quality data. Each Speedback Survey took approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete. This included 1 week for kickoff and survey design, 1 week for fieldwork, and 24 to 48 hours for a one-page summary of the results. This timeline could be accelerated if needed.

As part of this research, Drive Research built a panel of research participants for the client to reach out to when future research needs arise. These participants are likely to respond to future research and become a ready to go community to reach out to for feedback.

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The results remain confidential with the New York State college. The report package for this project included a topline report (one-page summary of findings), question-by-question exports, and raw data file. Along with the delivery of the report were additional findings from our team. This included insight into what each target audience found most important and most frequently search for on the website.

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