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Drive Research often works with nonprofit organizations on a variety of market research studies. Recently we completed a focus group recruitment project for a well-known non-profit making organization.

The goal of the focus groups was to speak to student caregivers who met very specific criteria, which is an audience with an extremely low incidence rate

The client decided to hold the student caregiver focus groups at Drive Research’s focus group facility in Upstate New York. 

How to Conduct Student Focus Groups |Market Research Company for Nonprofits

Why should you host student focus groups in Syracuse, NY? 

Syracuse is home to thousands of students pursuing post-secondary education, such as college or trade school. Syracuse University, SUNY ESF, Le Moyne College, Cazenovia College, Onondaga Community College, and OCM BOCES are all within close driving distance to the Drive Research focus group facility.

Learn more about our focus group company in Syracuse!

Project Background

A market research consulting agency was conducting focus groups on behalf of a well-known non-profit organization. The agency hired Drive Research to recruit participants and host two focus groups on Thursday, February 27th, 2020. 

The focus groups were conducted in the evening to accommodate the student caregivers’ busy schedules and lasted approximately 90-minutes.

As a thank you for their time and feedback, participants received $100 cash upon completion of the groups. 

This recruitment project specifically targeted unpaid caregivers who are highly involved in the care of an elderly loved one while pursuing post-secondary education.

Due to this specific participant criteria, the incidence rate to find qualified caregivers was extremely low. 

Focus Group Recruitment Process and Approach 

The targeted audience for these focus groups were those:

  • Currently enrolled in a college/pursuing a degree
  • Presently caring for an elderly loved one who was at least 40 years old
  • Highly involved in their care
  • Receiving no compensation for their support

Demographic mixes were met with best efforts. Given the low incidence rate, Drive Research has to utilize strategic recruitment strategies to find these student caregivers. 

To ensure successful focus groups, Drive Research has several best practices to recruit research participants.

For this specific project, our qualitative recruitment process included a total of five steps:

  • Step 1: Targeted social media advertisements and outreach to local post-secondary institutions and caregiver support groups. 
  • Step 2: Have potential participants complete the online screener to pre-qualify for the group.
  • Step 3: Re-screen the pre-qualified participants with a phone call to confirm their qualifications, ask additional questions, and ensure they’re a good fit for qualitative research.
  • Step 4: Register qualified participants and send a confirmation email with important details. 
  • Step 5: Follow-up the day before the group with a reminder call and send a reminder text the day of.

Focus Group Outcomes

Drive Research recruited a near-perfect show rate across the two focus groups. The results of the focus groups with student caregivers remain confidential with our client.

However, the findings will be utilized to create a resource for student caregivers. 

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