How to Increase Participation in Qualitative Research

How to Increase Participation in Qualitative Research

Drive Research, a Syracuse-based market research company, is in the process of completing an 8-week qualitative research study with a 96% full participation rate.

Here's an inside look at this project...

The qualitative research study involved testing a household appliance over the course of 8-weeks. The study was used to gather information on usage and feedback. A total of 75 participants were sent a new household appliance which was valued at over $100.

At the start of the study, all participants were sent an initial survey. If respondents completed this survey, they were provided a $10 Amazon at the end of the study. If a participant fully completed all surveys and used the appliance over the course of 8 weeks, they were able to keep it.

Here's an inside look at our process...

First, participants were recruited and then re-screened to ensure they met the requirements for the study. The re-screening process helps our team ensure recruits qualify and are committed to fully participating in the project. After the re-screening process, participants were sent a confirmation email. Participants had to reply to the confirmation email to confirm participation.

After participants were recruited, communication was key to ensure a high completion rate. Emails were sent before the household appliance was shipped, when the household appliance was supposed to arrive, and weekly to ensure participation throughout the project. If a participant was not completing tasks several phone calls, texts, and emails were sent to encourage full participation.

A 96% full participation rate is extremely high for qualitative research. Typically, participation rates for qualitative research range from 40% to 75%. Several different factors affect participation rates including the length of the study, expectations, communication, and incentives.

Here are some tips from our qualitative market research team to help with your next project.

An inside look at the tips and tricks used by our qualitative market research company!

Tip #1: Clearly explain expectations upfront

The first tip from our qualitative market research team seems too easy, but it is extremely important. Throughout the recruiting process, participants should be told an overview of the project as well as their expectations.

For example, the overview should include the type of study, length of study, start and end date of the study, dates of when to expect communication from the research team, and details about how participation is measured.

Also, participants should be explained repercussions for not fully completing tasks. For example, for this study participants would be required to mail the home appliance back to the research team.

Tip #2: Stay in contact

Our qualitative market research company knows communication is always key. There was never a week that went by where participants did not hear from our team.

Staying in contact means more than just sending weekly emails. Knowing everyone has different communication preferences, our team used a variety of emails, texts, and phone calls throughout the project to encourage participation.

If a participant failed to complete a task, they would be called. If they did not respond to our call our team would follow up with an email and text. The use of multiple touchpoints through various communication methods help us achieve high participation rates.

Of course, reaching a 100% participation rate is ideal, it is extremely difficult to reach. Those seeking qualitative research vendors should not assume everyone who is recruited for a study will fully participate. Even with all of our quality checks in place, personal and family emergencies happen.

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Tip #3: Incentives are motivators

The incentive for participating in qualitative needs to match expectations. Of course, high incentives are important to motivating recruits to fully participate, but the trick is to find the right balance.

Before starting a qualitative research project, think about the audience the team is trying to reach, the length of the study, and the time needed to fully participate in the study. The more difficult these factors become, the higher the incentive should be.

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