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Working With Our Nonprofit Market Research Company

There are many critical components nonprofits must focus on to be successful. Raising awareness, collecting donations, signing up volunteers – the list goes on and on. These concerns are typically the central goals for not for profit organizations.

Drive Research works with our nonprofit clients to achieve and exceed these goals with market research. Our nonprofit market research company helps your team gain insight and data to successfully communicate with your community in a way that will evoke action.

Spending marketing dollars on research may not be the first thing a not for profit organization considers doing. However, the informed strategies resulting from a simple survey will offer a return-on-investment for years to come.

Approach to Nonprofit Market Research

At a high-level, our nonprofit market research company specializes in a variety of quantitative and qualitative studies such as surveys and focus groups.

Regardless of the methodology used, our nonprofit market research asks your target audience questions surrounding awareness, perception, motivation to donate, factors in choice when donating to a nonprofit, and more.

Drive Research aims to answer critical questions specific to your organization and objectives for investing in not for profit market research. As a result, your nonprofit will be able to garner better engagement with current donors as well as attract an influx of new ones.

We ask more from our nonprofit market research, and you should too.

Nonprofit Market Research Services

A few of our more popular services from our not for profit market research company include:

  • Member Surveys: Measure member satisfaction, drivers to satisfaction or dissatisfaction, how your organization offers value, sources of awareness, and likelihood to renew membership.
  • Community Surveys: Understand awareness, perception, and likelihood to donate to your nonprofit from a general population.
  • Focus Groups: Not for profits can choose to target donors or non-donors to join a group discussion at our facility. The value of focus groups is to collect a variety of opinions from different types of people all at once.

These are just a few of the market research studies provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services or past projects with not for profit organizations, contact us today!

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