How to Collect Customer Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

An intercept survey project is a research method used to gain in-the-moment feedback from visitors. Intercept survey research is commonly used at restaurants, retail stores, events, and conferences. 

Typically, intercept surveys are done on-site with either a paper survey or on a tablet. However, as life has shifted online in the era of COVID-19, online intercept surveys have grown in popularity. 

Learn more about the most popular approaches to conducting intercept surveys in the blog post below. 

Collecting Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

Benefits of Intercept Surveys 

Getting real-time, in-the-moment responses is the greatest benefit to intercept surveys. 

For instance, with typical email surveys, it is easy for a consumer to forget their experience. Or forget to respond altogether.

With this type of market research, intercept survey companies can get information right when it is fresh in participants’ minds. 

In addition to real-time responses, intercept surveys can also collect data from a large sample size. With intercept surveys, analysts have access to real-time visitors rather than a pre-built email list. 

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Intercept Survey Approach #1: In-Person

Step #1. Determine and scout the location

Pick an ideal location relevant to the study and questions you want to ask. 

Step #2. Create the intercept survey questions

Craft objective-based and engaging questions for customers to give feedback. 

Some examples that work for almost any industry could be: 

  • “What was the main reason for your visit today?” 
  • “How would you rate your satisfaction with your experience today?”

Learn more intercept survey question samples in our blog post, 7 Example Intercept Interview Questions.

Step #3. Dress the part

Business casual is typically status-quo when it comes to the dress code for intercept interviewing.

This helps create an inviting and approachable experience. 

Step #4. Identify yourself and approach the respondent

Always be prepared for a high rejection rate. It’s important to have a quick pitch about your study and be on location during peak times. 

Step #5. State your purpose

Be open and honest about how many questions are included in the survey and how long the survey will take to complete. 

Looking for more? Watch this 60-second video to learn four tips for conducting intercept surveys.

Intercept Survey Approach #2: Online Website Surveys

Although in-person intercept surveys are useful, online intercept surveys are more passive.

Targeted feedback requests from site traffic are usually triggered through site behavior, visitor profile, randomly selected, or a combination of all three.

Online intercept surveys can show up in a variety of forms.

  1. A popular method is to use a pop-up survey, which can be placed anywhere while the user is on the website.
  2. Another technique is a banner, which is usually located at the top of the webpage and allows users to initiate feedback.  

There are tons of different ways website intercept surveys can invite customers to complete a survey (i.e., pop-up windows, banners, widgets, tabs, survey links/buttons).

All of these options can be personalized to meet your business goals and objectives. 

Conduct In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys with Drive Research

Intercept surveys are beneficial when it comes to gathering in-the-moment feedback. The resulting findings are extremely useful, leading to impactful results and successful growth of your company. 

Interested in conducting in-person or online intercept surveys? Drive Research can help.

Our intercept survey company has the knowledge and tools to design a robust market research study, should it be the right fit for your business.

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