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One of the best ways to gauge how recognizable and distinguished an organization is among a target market is through brand awareness surveys.

Every successful brand reaches that threshold where it starts becoming top-of-mind among its target audience.

Your products or services are defined, your reputation is expanding, and there is a strong foundation for your business. Once you feel like you have an established brand, where do you go from there?

If one of your goals is continued growth, your company should consider monitoring its brand awareness. Making this effort will provide a reliable way to see your brand’s position in the market as well as the true impact of marketing strategies.

In this blog post, our brand awareness research firm will give an overview of this type of survey and what you can expect from conducting one.

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What are Brand Awareness Surveys? | Market Research Company

What are brand awareness surveys?

A brand awareness survey is a type of market research study that measures and assesses awareness, perception, and brand equity.

These types of online surveys are used by known brands in the market to help make decisions on their brand strategy and marketing efforts.

Here are some typical questions you might ask in a brand awareness survey:

  • When you think of [Insert relevant industry] brands, what comes to mind first? (Unaided Awareness)
  • Which of the following brands are you aware of? (Aided Awareness)
  • What is your perception of each of the following brands?
  • Which of the following brands have you used in the past year?
  • When you see or hear [Insert your brand], what is the first word or phrase that comes to mind?
  • Which of the following words best describe how you feel about [Insert your brand]?

Another name for a brand awareness survey is an image and awareness (I&A) survey. I&A studies are identical but may be the more familiar term in some circles.

What is the process of brand awareness surveys?

Interested in conducting a brand awareness survey with a third-party research firm? In this section, Drive Research will provide a brief description of the steps we take with our clients.

Step 1. Kickoff Meeting

Once you have expressed interest in sponsoring a brand awareness survey and partnered with a market research firm, the first official step is usually a kickoff meeting.

This step is focused on defining the objectives of the study and mapping out the project timeline.

Step 2. Survey Draft

Next, your company can expect to receive a survey draft covering the key elements of a brand awareness study plus any custom secondary objectives.

After your company is happy with the survey, the market research firm will program it into an online survey format and administer quality assurance testing.

Step 3. Survey Fieldwork 

Next, the market research firm will share the survey with target respondents to obtain the most accurate possible measurement of brand awareness in the market.

This is a critical step, as distributing the survey to the wrong audience will render the awareness data useless. 

The market research firm will then run quality checks to ensure the integrity of the survey data and remove bad cases.

Step 4. Survey Analysis

Finally, the analysis and reporting stage begins in which insights and recommendations are assembled for your company. You can expect a debrief of the results after the report is delivered. 

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What are the deliverables of a brand awareness survey?

With a brand awareness survey study, your company would likely receive a number of materials from a market research company like Drive Research

The featured deliverable would be a comprehensive market research report.

This document should include:

Also included should be a raw data file with all survey responses. This allows your company to dig into the details or even conduct further analysis.

Real-World Example of a Brand Awareness Survey

Drive Research often conducts brand awareness surveys with our clients. In this section, we will share a real-world example of this methodology in action. 

The Objectives

A marketing firm in Illinois contacted our market research company on behalf of a consumer packaged goods (CPG) client. The marketing firm was in the process of creating an advertising campaign for the CPG brand.

The goal of the advertising campaign would be to grow brand awareness for their client however, it was unclear how the consumer packaged goods brand was already perceived by their target market.

In other words, to grow awareness for their client, the marketing firm wanted to understand the starting point for how notable the brand already was.

Furthermore, the main objectives of the market research study would be to measure:

  • Unaided and aided awareness
  • Perception of the brand
  • Competitive awareness and perceptions
  • The decision-making process of the buyer

The Challenge: Accurately Measuring Brand Awareness

It can be challenging to show the true success of an advertising campaign, especially when the goal is to grow brand awareness.

The common analytics of clicks and impressions mean very little in this regard. In fact, these statistics often do not tell the full story.

For example, perhaps a digital marketing campaign resulted in 167 clicks, but 0 online purchases. This can be a challenging conversation to have with a client.

But what if you could say brand awareness grew by 64% because of the marketing campaign? This is a stat not available without conducting market research.

The Solution: Brand Awareness Surveys

To provide this type of insight for the marketing firm, our market research company recommended running a pre and post brand awareness survey.

This study involves surveying a target audience before a marketing campaign to measure awareness, perception, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The first survey often serves as a benchmark. Then, when the campaign is complete, the second wave of a brand awareness survey is conducted.

Some brands may even choose to conduct three surveys: one before the marketing campaign, one during, and one after.

The Approach to Brand Awareness Surveys

To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recommended using an online survey to collect feedback. The market research was administered using consumer email databases in the United States.

The criteria for the brand awareness survey included grocery shoppers who are 18 or older.

Why online surveys?

Online surveys are a great methodology for brands looking for cost-effective and quality results. Plus, fieldwork for online brand awareness surveys can often be completed in as little as two days.

Example Brand Awareness Survey Questions

  • Which of the following types of products do you regularly purchase on your trips to the grocery store? Select all that apply.
  • Which of these cheese products do you regularly purchase? Select all that apply.
  • How many packages of string cheese/cheese sticks have you purchased in the past 3 months?
  • What is the first brand of string cheese/cheese sticks to come to mind?
  • Which of the following brands of string cheese/cheese sticks are you aware of? Select all that apply.
  • What is your perception of the following brands?
  • Which of the following type(s) of product(s) do you most associate with [CLIENT NAME]?
  • What factors are most important to you when purchasing string cheese/cheese sticks?
  • Which of the following brands of string cheese/cheese sticks have you purchased in the past 3 months? Select all that apply.

The Results of the Brand Awareness Survey

As mentioned previously, the results will serve as a measurement and benchmark for an upcoming advertising campaign.

It is expected the study will be revisited post-campaign to understand how key performance indicators, such as brand awareness and perception, have shifted.

The marketing firm and CPG brand received a topline summary report from our market research firm.

The topline market research report included:

  • Background and methodology
  • Participant profiles
  • An executive summary of key findings

This deliverable provides a bullet-point style report touching on the critical insights from the market research study.

Other deliverables include a brand tracker scorecard and an Excel banner file with crosstabs.

Survey details.

The brand awareness survey took an average of 7 minutes to complete and included 24 questions. The survey received 1,000 responses. Fieldwork began on September 18 and lasted until September 25, 2020.

With a probabilistic sample, 1,000 responses at the 95% confidence level offered a 3.1% margin of error.

In other words, if the survey were conducted with another random pool of 1,000 consumers across the country, results would yield within +3.1% or -3.1% of the reports' stated totals.

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