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What is a customer satisfaction survey?

Perhaps the most cost-effective type of market research, customer surveys are a more formal way of collecting customer feedback. It involves a business reaching out to their customer base through an email, online survey link, comment card, or other various forms. In general, customers provide their opinions on a business’s products, services, and why it is they feel this way. Regardless of the approach, a customer satisfaction survey is designed to measure whether customer expectations and needs are adequately met. The feedback collected from this type of market research is a true value for any type of brand or organization.

What are the benefits of customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction survey companies near Albany assist in identifying what areas of an organization require improvement based on customer feedback. Areas of most dissatisfaction are where organizations should pay most attention to.

It is more so beneficial to conduct regular customer surveys in order to gauge if the improvements made to an organization are affecting overall customer satisfaction. Even conducting customer satisfaction surveys on a monthly or quarterly basis will prove to be of more value than once a year. This also allows an organization to be more proactive in meeting customer dissatisfaction and demands for change.

What is the customer satisfaction survey process?

Our customer satisfaction survey company near Albany likes to follow a streamlined process for all types of market research to achieve the best results. Drive Research has been hired by many organizations in Albany and surrounding areas to assist in collecting customer feedback. Once a proposal is signed, our customer survey company will act fast to provide results as quickly as possible. This process includes a kickoff meeting with Drive Research and your team to cover major objectives of the study.

From here a survey is drafted, programmed, and ready for fieldwork. Once the results are in, our customer survey company near Albany will deliver a full report and analysis of the survey responses. This doesn’t mean sending over a data dump through email, but a reporting meeting where we discuss action items and recommendations for how to use these results most effectively.

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What is the timeline for a customer survey?

Every organization in Albany and surrounding areas is different. No two customer surveys are identical to one another. The objectives and expectations for one business in Albany will vary from the next, therefore a definitive timeline is difficult to provide with no insight into the project. Get in touch with our customer satisfaction survey company near Albany to receive a more stringent timeline into completing a study with Drive Research.

Why you should work with a customer satisfaction survey company?

A customer satisfaction survey company near Albany, like Drive Research, has the insight into best-practice metrics Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and other key performance indicators. With this level of analysis, Drive Research can benchmark the results of your customer satisfaction survey against competitors in your industry.

For example, the overall satisfaction of your customer is rated a 3. Is this a good score to receive or bad? How does this score compare and contrast to your key competitors? Our customer survey company near Albany can provide this type of insight and more. Think of Drive Research as an extension of your business. Our Albany customer satisfaction survey company will deliver the direction and analysis you need to improve business strategy.

How much do customer satisfaction surveys cost?

The price of a customer satisfaction survey with Drive Research is calculated by a variety of different factors.

  • What level of reporting is required?
  • What type of market research methodology is needed to administer the survey?
  • Is there an offered incentive for respondents completing the survey?

Our customer satisfaction survey company near Albany can help guide what is necessary and best for your team. With these answers, Drive Research will be able to provide a more defined estimate.

Interested in learning what drives satisfaction and loyalty among your customers? Reach out to our customer satisfaction survey company near Albany for a quote or proposal.

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