Cannabis Consumer Report: 2023 Buyer Insights & Trends

With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, dispensaries and cannabis brands continue to search for consumer insights to help differentiate themselves. 

The 2023 Cannabis Consumer Report by Drive Research provides you with unparalleled insights into the perceptions, preferences, and buying behaviors of cannabis consumers, giving dispensaries a unique edge when it comes to product development, marketing, and sales. 

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What's inside the 2023 Cannabis Consumer Report?

With data collected from 3,926 cannabis consumers across the United States, the Cannabis Consumer Report by Drive Research offers a deep understanding of the cannabis landscape that is crucial to building a loyal customer base and remaining profitable.  

Find out:

  • How often users are consuming cannabis
  • How their consumption frequency will change in the next year
  • Preferences for cannabis strains and consumptions methods
  • Where users are purchasing cannabis (& how much)
  • How do consumers become aware of dispensaries
  • Factors that impact a consumer’s cannabis purchase
  • Perceived health benefits and drawbacks of using cannabis
  • Comparisons to other drug and alcohol usage
  • Impact of cannabis in the workplace

Cannabis Buyer Data You Can Expect to Uncover 

The Cannabis Consumer Report covers everything from consumer demographics, perceptions, beliefs, and purchasing habits to product preferences and consumption methods. 

Whether you're a dispensary seeking to optimize your product offerings, a brand looking to grow its awareness, or a marketer looking to better deliver your campaigns, our insights will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

The report features 50+ cannabis industry statistics and trends such as: 


  • 48% of cannabis consumers use cannabis every day
  • 78% of cannabis consumers report their usage will increase or stay the same in the next year
  • Cannabis users are over 3X more likely to smoke cannabis than consume edibles
  • Price and quality matter most when choosing a cannabis dispensary
  • 78% of cannabis consumers report cannabis positively impacting their overall mental health
  • Cannabis users believe the plant positively impacts their happiness (79%) & makes them more social (63%)
  • 56% of cannabis users would quit or not apply to jobs that required regular drug testing

Plus, with our easy-to-understand and visually compelling presentation, you'll be able to quickly and easily absorb the information you need to take action.

Compare Cannabis Market Data by Location, Age, & Other Segments

With data collected from a diverse range of cannabis consumers from all 50 states, our market research company also offers online portals to view and export the data by different audience segments and demographics. 

In addition to the national cannabis market data report, you can gain access to the following segments:

  • Individual states
  • State legality 
  • Region
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Enthusiast vs. non-enthusiast
  • New vs. experienced users
  • Primary reason for usage 
  • Consumption
  • Place of purchase 
  • Employment status 
  • Marital status
  • Urbanicity 
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Income
  • Average cannabis spend per purchase
  • Custom audience segments

Don't waste time and resources guessing what cannabis consumers want –
et our insights guide you to success.

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How Cannabis Market Data Can Help Grow Your Dispensary

Consumer insights are critical for understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience and can help you make informed decisions about your cannabis business or clients. Here are a few ways you can use the 2023 Cannabis Consumer Report to improve your business:

Remain competitive

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With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly crowded.

By understanding the specific needs and preferences of consumers, brands can differentiate themselves to build a loyal customer base and remain profitable.  


Optimize your cannabis pricing strategy

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Our cannabis shopper insights will help you understand what price points your customers are willing to pay for cannabis to better maximize profitability.

Also, see how cost plays a role in consumers' choice of dispensary and cannabis usage.


Create data-driven cannabis marketing campaigns

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The Cannabis Consumer report helps businesses understand their target audience better by providing insights into their usage, preferences, and habits.

This information can help you tailor your advertising message and tactics to better resonate with cannabis shoppers, resulting in a more effective advertising campaign. 


Enhance your product development

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We provide insights into the specific types of products your customers are interested in to help cultivators, brands, and dispensaries develop new products or refine existing ones.

This includes consumer preferences for preferred strains and consumption formats (e.g., smoking, edibles, drinks), and more. 


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Background & Methodology

All figures in this report are drawn from an online survey conducted by Drive Research to better understand cannabis users. Drive Research is a national market research company based in Syracuse, NY.

Areas of interest included cannabis usage, consumption preferences, purchasing habits, and perceived benefits.

The survey took an average of 9 minutes to complete and included 47 questions. The survey received 3,926 responses from those who have consumed cannabis in the past twelve (12) months. Fieldwork for the survey ended in March 2023.

With a probabilistic sample, a total of 3,926 responses at the 95% confidence level offer a 1.6% margin of error.

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