What is an Image & Awareness (I&A) Survey?

What is an Image & Awareness (I&A) Survey?

What is an I&A Survey?

An I&A survey is an abbreviation for Image & Awareness Survey. This type of market research is designed to obtain both awareness levels and brand equity for specific brands, organization names, products or services. An I&A survey is typically conducted with a random sample of respondents since the main goal is to assess awareness levels among target markets.

Why Does an I&A Survey Collect Data From Customers and Non-Customers?

In order to assess awareness of a brand or organization, the sample needs to be representative of the total market. Asking awareness of a company among customers who have used its products in the past is misleading since most (if not all would be aware.) A survey sent to both customers and non-customers will also help your organization obtain a true awareness figure.

How is Image Addressed in an I&A Survey?

This can be accomplished in several different fashions. You can use a perception metric where you ask respondents to rate your brand on a positive to negative scale. Another option is using a 0 to 10 scale or 1 to 5 scale ranging from "very poor" to "very positive" where you ask the respondent to rate reputation of your brand. Several paths and metrics can be taken here to address image.

How is Awareness Addressed in an I&A Survey?

The survey typically starts with questions about awareness. First, unaided awareness is addressed by obtaining a list of brands the respondent remembers. This is accomplished by asking something similar to, "when you think of automobile manufacturers, which one(s) come to mind?"

After unaided awareness, aided awareness is addressed. The survey then asks, "which of the following automobile manufacturers are you aware of? A) Ford B) Chevrolet C) Toyota, etc?" Typically the list only shows those choices not mentioned in the unaided awareness question. This can be accomplished through branching and logic or CATI if the survey is completed by phone.

Adding the two figures together will provide your organization with a total awareness percentage. If 10% are aware of your brand unaided and another 35% are aware of it aided, your total awareness stands at 45% of the market. This is one of the core metrics you'll want to obtain from an Image & Awareness Survey.

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