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Working with Our Consumer Packaged Goods Market Research Company

As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) producer, you know the competition is strong for shelf space – not only in stores but in homes across the country. 

As the battle for shelf space continues to grow, consumer packaged goods companies are turning to market research to understand what draws customers to the brands they love. 

Our CPG market research company can navigate your team through consumer’s ever-changing wants and needs. Drive Research specializes in insights and consumer behavior analysis that allow your organization to adjust to the latest and greatest consumer trends quickly.  

Approach to CPG Market Research

Major consumer goods companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo, and Tyson Foods usually have dedicated teams responsible for market research. However, you don’t need to share the same budget of top CPG organizations to reap the benefits of data-driven decisions. 

Our approach to consumer packaged goods is simple. As a full-service market research company, Drive Research offers our CPG clients with a wide array of quantitative and qualitative studies.

Our CPG market research company can determine the right approach depending on your specific project objectives, target consumer, and budget.

Whether Drive Research executes a survey, focus group, or shop-along for your consumer packaged goods company, one thing is for sure – you will receive the high-quality data and insight you need to drive your products up in class.

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CPG Market Research Services

Whether you are working for a Fortune 500 company or have recently introduced your products to the market, Drive Research can work with your team to get the answers you need. 

Our popular consumer packaged goods market research services include:

  • Shop-alongs: A shop-along is a form of market research where an interviewer accompanies a customer while they browse and shop for items in a store. As the consumer is shopping, the interviewers will ask questions about their path to certain aisles, why they chose one product over another, etc. The in-the-moment nature of the research allows Drive Research to explore the psychology of consumer decision-making as it is unfolding. 
  • Focus Groups: Focus groups play a key role in defining how a product is marketed and advertised to the masses. Drive Research can host a group discussion at our facility or a location of your choosing. Focus groups allow our CPG clients to speak directly with their target demographic as they discuss and react to product names, taglines, design, logos, advertisements, and more.
  • Market Surveys: A less costly alternative to focus groups, market surveys allow your consumer packaged goods organization to ask for feedback from a large pool of consumers and non-consumers. Quickly determine where there are gaps in the market, what consumers are satisfied and dissatisfied with, factors of choice, top sources of awareness, etc.
  • Website User Experience (UX) Research: In-store purchases are not the only way consumers want to buy your products, but online too. UX market research collects feedback from users of your online store. Website UX can determine things like shopper’s likes and dislikes, paths to purchase, where a site can be improved, the reason for abandoned carts, and more.

These are just a few of the CPG market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about working with our consumer packaged goods research company, contact us today!

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