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The most effective way to conduct a brand analysis is with market research. Specifically, an online survey among potential clients can equip your business with the knowledge it needs to excel in the market. 

A market analysis allows organizations to use data-driven insights to determine brand names, slogans, digital advertisements, and other key factors. This type of exclusive research helps brands regain market share even in the most competitive industries.  

For instance, our market research firm recently partnered with a digital marketing agency and its law firm client to provide the necessary insights for invigorating its brand. 

Below are the details of the brand analysis project objectives, approach, sample questions, and outcomes.

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how to conduct a brand analysis

The Challenge 

Most personal injury law firms in the market understand it is hard to stand out to potential clients. Most consumers only search for a personal injury lawyer when, well...they’re injured. 

By this I mean, it is hard to convert a general audience of people who don’t plan to ever need this type of service. 

This is a fight many firms cannot afford to enter without a strong brand awareness and strategy. The personal injury lawyer market is too saturated and competitive to just go in and hope for the best. 

For this reason, a digital marketing agency in Milwaukee, WI partnered with Drive Research to conduct a market research study on behalf of their personal injury law firm client in California. 

The Goal

The goals of the market research project were to better understand: 

  • The name and brand of the law firm
  • Most appealing messaging and creative to draw in business
  • Trusted sources
  • Factors in decision making 

These and other various other objectives were addressed in the brand analysis.

The data and findings from the market research provided the client with unbiased, credible, and representative views to guide future digital marketing decisions.

The Approach

To address the objectives set forth by the digital marketing agency and its law firm client, Drive Research recommended conducting a brand analysis research study. 

This included a quantitative online survey within target Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in California. All respondents were residents in California DMAs within the law firm’s footprint. 

The survey was blinded, which meant respondents did not know it was sponsored by the personal injury law firm when starting the survey.

Benefits of online surveys

The reason our brand analysis company often recommends this approach is because surveys offer the most cost-effective and measurable results.

Compared to other research methodologies, online surveys quickly gather quality feedback in order to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Brand analysis survey questions 

  1. What are the trusted sources by potential law firm clients?
  2. What factors would matter most when selecting a law firm if potential clients were injured?
  3. What words relate most to a top personal injury law firm?
  4. What would be the preferred method of reaching out to a law firm if a potential client were injured?
  5. How appealing are the tested names for a personal injury law firm?
  6. Which of the tested slogans for a personal injury law firm is more appealing?
  7. What words do potential clients associate with the law firm in the tested image?

Survey details

The online survey took an average of 8 minutes to complete and included 23 questions. Fieldwork for the survey was completed in less than one week, beginning on August 5 and lasting until August 11, 2020.

The Process

For this particular brand analysis study, our market research company followed a trusted streamlined process we often execute with our clients. This includes:

  • Signed proposal. The digital marketing agency contacted our brand analysis research firm to share the details of their project. With this information, Drive Research created a custom proposal with our recommended methodology, timeline, and costs for their review. 
  • Kickoff meeting. After receiving a signed proposal from the client, our team scheduled a brief introductory meeting to learn more about the objectives and goals for the brand analysis. 
  • Survey design. With the client's objectives in mind, Drive Research drafted questions for the online survey. The survey document was sent for the digital marketing agency and the personal law injury firm to approve.
  • Survey programming. Once the survey was approved, our New York market research company began programming and testing the survey with our in-house software.
  • Soft-launch. The survey was sent to a small sample of respondents after it was programmed. This assures the survey is working as intended, eventhough it is tested before being sent into fieldwork.  
  • Full-launch. As the soft-launch continues, Drive Research reviews the data and prepares for a full survey launch to the remaining sample of respondents. 
  • Data cleaning and analysis. After fieldwork is closed our experts being to gather key insights from respondent feedback. We also clean the data for nonsensical or duplicate responses.
  • Brand analysis research report. Drive Research then creates a report to present to the client. Learn more details about this report in the section below. 

The Outcomes

Within 6-days of fieldwork, the survey received 817 responses. The law firm research topline summary report including: 

  • A background and methodology
  • An executive summary of findings
  • Actionable recommendations from data
  • Key data visualizations 

This deliverable was intended to provide a bullet-point style report touching on the critical insights from the brand analysis

The final written analysis also included links to live reporting dashboards featuring a detailed question-by-question breakdown of the online survey. Several cross-tabulation reports were included to break the data down into key segments.

The detailed findings from the brand analysis market research report remain confidential with the digital marketing agency and its law firm client.

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