Brand Like a Boss | Using Market Research to Grow Business Awareness

When you see the phrase, “Just do it” – what comes to mind?

What about, “I’m Lovin’ It?”

Can you immediately identify the brand responsible for these slogans? Of course, you can! This is because the brand recognition around Nike and McDonald’s is something that has been engraved in our heads for years.

Brand awareness is the level of which customers are able to recognize a company or product. More importantly, brand awareness plays an intricate role in a business’s strategy to promote their services to key demographics and audiences.

It doesn’t take a budget of big-name brands to grow your company’s brand awareness, similarly to Nike or McDonald’s. You can learn much of what you need to know by utilizing market research to better understand who your target audience is and how familiar they are with your brand.

By focusing your efforts on the right market research methods, businesses can develop better brand positioning and improve marketing tactics within their industry.

Find your target audience with customer insights analysis

Your company may be the best of the best, offering unbeatable customer service – but what good does this do if you’re not marketing to the right audiences?

Partnering with a customer insights analysis company allows organizations to find necessary data on who their target audience is and what outlets best to reach them.

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Step One: Upload you customer database through a secure link.
  • Step Two: A customer insights analysis company uses this information and appends data from multiple industry sources to better profile your database.
  • Step Three: Receive a final report with recommendations for how best to restructure your marketing efforts to your target audience.

With little to no work done on your end, a customer insight analysis report will deliver better insights on your customers to allow for higher marketing ROI.

Pro tip! Couple customer insight research analysis with Voice of Customer (VoC) to obtain a 360-degree view of your target audience.

Use focus groups to improve your branding

Now that you’ve determined the right demographic for your brand, the next step is determining their level of familiarity or knowledge of your business. A popular tactic to uncovering this information is by working with a focus group company.

A focus group company will recruit consumers to participate in an in-depth group conversation and dive into the recognition, likeliness and emotions around your brand.

This type of qualitative market research will also allow for feedback on specific marketing efforts like the company’s logo, website, social media, etc.

These groups are best held at a focus group facility equipped with a one-way mirror. In doing so, you are able to watch the group discussion take place and interact with the group moderator during breaks to request additional questions or feedback on-the-go.

Discover competitive comparisons with online surveys

Where you should focus your attention on customers, not competitors, conducting competitive analysis market research is a brand awareness tactic that should not go ignored. More specifically, by working with an online survey company, businesses are able to gain objectivity and perspective against their competition.

A survey company will design a tailored questionnaire to determine how customers view your company vs. your competitors.

The online survey can ask your target market questions like:

  • What is it you like or dislike about X brand?
  • Why are you choosing X business over Y?
  • Does X company offer regular discounts? Does this factor your purchasing decision? 

By utilizing online surveys to discover how your brand stacks up against competitors, companies are able to get insights fast – like 24 hours fast. It is a cost effect market research service that will offer insight on how to better position your brand.

Image & Awareness (I&A) Survey

When done right, a company’s brand can change the way potential and current customers do business with an organization. A brand is the image or personality that makes your company, your company.

How to tell if you’re putting the best brand forward? Conduct an Image & Awareness, or I&A survey to go a level deeper than a broad online survey.

An I&A survey is designed to obtain both awareness levels and brand equity for specific brands, organization names, products or services. It is important to work with an I&A survey company with survey software capable of showing images or logos.

Since branding is so visual and emotion based, colors and images may elicit truer feelings than words. For example, if asking respondents “What is the first word that comes to mind when you see McDonald’s?” It is likely you’ll receive more literal answers such as fast food burgers, or fries.

Instead, if an I&A survey company showed participants an image of the golden arch, people may say hungry or happy.

An I&A survey is an ideal type of market research project to uncover important branding insights. To learn more, read: What is an Image & Awareness (I&A) Survey?


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