5 Market Research Options for EdTech Companies

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to assume that most students and educators have made the transition to virtual learning. 

For EdTech companies, this switch to virtual classrooms has provided unprecedented opportunities through increased demand for their innovative teaching tools.

The goal of many EdTech companies is to improve education through the use of technology. Now more students, teachers, and educators are using these technologies than ever before. 

As a market researcher, I can’t help but see this as a perfect opportunity to speak with those who use EdTech the most. 

Five Market Research Options for EdTech Companies

Helping Students and Teachers Transition into Virtual Learning

For many students, the way they learn has transitioned from sitting among their friends while their teachers give SMART Board® presentations to taking a seat in the Google Classroom or logging into Zoom. 

Teachers aren’t able to look out into the sea of desks to see who is struggling anymore. Instead, they must rely on education technology to deliver their lessons and hope students will reach out if they need help. 

Why Should EdTech Companies Conduct Market Research?

For EdTech companies, conducting market research with its users right now is vital.

The education technology industry has a massive customer and user base. It is growing every year. With a new generation of students and teachers, it is important to always stay up-to-date on the latest trends and the evolving preferences of consumers.

Determining what students and teachers like and what they don’t like about your product is extremely important - especially in these early stages and likely future surge of virtual learning.

While school administrators are often the ones making the purchasing decisions for EdTech, students, and teachers often use these products the most.

Through UX market research, our team is able to speak directly to those who use your EdTech product(s) to determine touchpoints that have the most impact on their ability to comprehend the material.

Below, Drive Research, an EdTech Market Research Company, details five market research options for education technology companies. 

​EdTech Market Research Option #1: Online Surveys

If your education technology company is looking to measure or understand a specific objective - online surveys are a fast, quality, and cost-effective option.

This type of quantitative market research is a great methodology to understand educator and student experiences and get the answers to the specific questions you may have. 

Working with a third-party EdTech research firm can also suggest questions to include in a survey based on their experience from successful past projects.

Additionally, Drive Research can reach any audience through a number of sample pools including proprietary customer email lists, purchased lists, panel vendors, mobile alerts, or targeted social media advertisements. 

This assures your online survey is being answered by quality respondents, which will make their feedback that much more reliable to drive data-driven decisions.

​EdTech Market Research Option #2: Online Focus Groups

For digital products, such as EdTech solutions, online focus groups can easily be conducted through the lens of user experience (UX).

In a group setting that is similar to the now-familiar Zoom classroom, your product users can collaboratively share their opinions. 

Plus, online focus groups remove any physical or geographical limitations and are extremely cost-efficient. In other words, your team is not limited to recruiting participants that live in close proximity to a focus group facility

Web focus groups or interviews allow a recruitment team to find students, teachers, parents, or whoever matches your target audience from anywhere in the country. 

EdTech Market Research Option #3: In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

While a focus group typically consists of four to 12 participants, an in-depth interview dedicates an entire session to the feedback of a single participant. 

During an in-depth interview, the interviewer is able to probe and spend more time focusing on smaller details that might need to be skipped over in a group setting, such as a focus group. 

Just like a traditional focus group can be conducted online, an in-depth interview can utilize remote methodologies too. Interviews can happen over the phone, an online chat room, or a Zoom meeting.

Again, this can significantly open up your sample of participants, which will likely decrease recruitment costs.

EdTech Market Research Option #4: Mobile Ethnography

Collect opinions in deeper context from students and educators in real-time through their personal devices. With mobile ethnography, research participants are able to share their honest and candid feedback about your EdTech solution without leaving their (virtual) classroom. 

Mobile ethnography participants can share their feedback in a variety of ways including:

  • Videos
  • Photos 
  • Audio
  • Weekly or daily polls 

Watch as our market research firm discusses four benefits of using this mobile ethnography.

EdTech Market Research Option #5: Concept Testing

Haven’t launched your EdTech product yet? Thinking of making changes to your existing EdTech solution? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. 

This style of education market research allows students and teachers to share their experiences, whether they be positive or negative. By identifying pain points, EdTech companies are able to work out the bugs before the product is introduced to the masses.

Concept testing can help your education technology company introduce your new product idea to the market through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods such as online focus groups and in-depth interviews.

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