Quality Online Survey Respondents | Survey Sample

Although Drive Research is a full-service market research company, we also work with clients coast-to-coast on specific parts of projects.

In some cases, our team consults with a client to design a survey or write unbiased and actionable questions.

In other cases, our clients hire us to take a database of 1,000 survey responses and run advanced analysis and create PowerPoint slides for a presentation.

And in many cases, clients hire our company to help them fulfill quality online survey respondents for a questionnaire.

In these cases, our clients often design the survey in-house and create a programmed link through a system like Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, Qualtrics, etc. These clients also plan to run high-level analysis and reporting on the outcomes but they often struggle with finding high-quality panel respondents.

Quality Online Survey Respondents | Survey Sample

Interested in learning how the acquisition process works to funnel online survey respondents to your survey software? Here is a step-by-step snapshot of what it is like to work with our online survey sample company.

More About Our Marketplace Software

Our marketplace software allows us to access both B2C and B2B respondents anywhere in the U.S.

Looking for consumers aged 18 to 24 who have purchased a new smartphone in the past 3 months? We can find them.

Looking for HR decision-makers who make an average of 10 hires per month or more? We can target them.

Looking for respondents aged 65+ who shopped for frozen meals in the past 30 days? Our panel can reach any consumer or business audience.

There is no audience that is too hard to find with our marketplace software. Say goodbye to research panels who only distribute your online survey to professional survey takers. With our online survey company, you will reach real people with real opinions closely aligned with those of your target audience.

Your team will receive reliable, high-quality data to drive important business and marketing decisions. 

How Does The Process Work With Drive Research?

Our national online survey panel firm follows a streamlined process for all market research studies. We value the quality of our survey sample to make sure the feedback and insight given to our clients are 100% reliable. We expect more from our survey respondents, and you should too.

Below is a step-by-step process for how we finding quality online respondents. 

  1. Contact our team at [email protected]. We want to know about the topic of your survey, targeted geography (ZIPs, states, regions, etc.) screening criteria or incidence rate (IR: percent of the general audience who qualifies), and the length of the interview (LOI). 
  2. Drive Research prepares a proposal detailing this information and includes a cost per complete. This cost per complete builds in time to set up the project in our system and rewards for each online survey respondent. We also pass along a timeline for completion.
  3. Sign-off. Once you are ready to move forward with our online survey panel company we will review the test link you send our team. We will provide you with several redirect links to input or embed into your survey software. We can walk you and your team through where to add this which varies by survey platform. These redirect links include a full complete, disqualification, and over-quota path.
  4. Testing. We will submit a few test responses through the link and ask you to review on the back-end to ensure the respondent IDs were passed through. We pass you the respondent IDs (e.g., RID2830151) to see if the responses passed through as complete, disqualify, or over-quota.
  5. Soft-launch or test drive. We like to start small. We’ll recommend starting with a small batch of respondents to ensure everything is working properly and your team is getting everything you need from the answers and our high-quality survey respondents.
  6. Full launch. Our team manages the invites and reminders to the panel to meet your recruitment needs and any quotas you have designed. We keep you up-to-date on progress and any issues we are facing. This close monitoring of the data allows our online survey panel company to ensure the highest quality responses for your project.

Contact Us To Talk About Our Database

Drive Research is a market research company headquartered in Syracuse, NY. Our team works with brands across the country to assist them with finding high-quality online survey respondents for projects. Questions about our survey sample company or our process? Need a quote or proposal for an online survey sample? Contact us.

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