Creating a Website? | Use Market Research to Ensure Success

Creating a website or redesigning a website can be a monumental task for a business. Regardless of whether you decide to take on this task yourself or use a third-party consultant, it will require a lot of your time and attention.

Websites have become a must-have for any business or organization. With access to WiFi, mobile devices, and tablets, visiting a company website for more information is at everyone's fingertips. A website adds credibility to a business, gives potential customers more information about your products or services, and offers another way to be contacted.

Before jumping in head first, market research can minimize risk of your investment. Collecting data and feedback from users will ensure your website is set up for success from day 1. Instead of setting a website up based on what you think users will want to see or what the consultant thinks users will want to see, set up a website based on real feedback from those who matter most:

Your customers and potential customers.

Use market research to inform every step before creating a website for your business.

Benefit 1: Determine What is Most Important to Feature on the Home Page

All businesses are different so shouldn't websites be different too? The homepage of your website is where you will see a majority of your web traffic so you want to ensure users can find what they are looking for quickly and it creates a positive impression of your business.

Try conducting a quantitative survey with your target market to understand why they visit websites? What information are they looking for quickly? What factors go into the decision of choosing a business like yours? What should be included on the home page?

All of these questions can be answered by those who matter most.

Benefit 2: Determine Site Layout and Infrastructure

It's all about the user experience (UX). This type of qualitative market research helps you understand exactly how users path through a website. What is their 1st step? What is their 2nd step? Why do they bounce? UX can address all of this.

User experience interviews or website usability testing is crucial to minimize points of frustration and drop-off from websites. It's extremely valuable when beta testing your website or redesigning it. These in-depth qualitative interviews are conducted with a moderator and interviewee. Questions are asked as the user browses the site live.

This market research will guide menu choices, site layout, and other infrastructure items. Just like you should not have an interior designer build your house, just because your website looks good doesn't mean it will translate to traffic and sales.

Don't understand the value of user experience market research? Here is an example of how UX market research provided an e-commerce client with a 665% ROI. It increased conversions and sales at nearly 7 times the cost of the UX research.

Benefit 3: Understand Who Will Use the Website

There will be several different segments of users visiting your website. In order to set up your website for success, you need to understand user profiles. Market research can help you assess this and create in-depth user profiles to cater the new website to.

This type of market research will help center your website around its users. Who are they? What motivates them to buy? What motivates them to contact you?

Understanding the potential and current users of a website is absolutely crucial, Don't fly blinded when it comes to creating a website.

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