Benefits of Hiring a Focus Group Recruitment Company

A critically important piece of focus group market research is recruiting. The small group of people recruited for focus groups represents a much larger target audience in which a company or brand is trying to reach.

A focus group recruitment company understands this better than anyone else. Companies who recruit for focus groups are experts in finding justified, quality participants to join a group discussion to uncover key business action items.

Are you a hotel looking to find parents of young children to understand if amenities such as free parking or free breakfast drive their decision making? Or maybe you are a financial institution looking to speak to recent home buyers to learn how they chose a bank or credit union for their home mortgage loan?

No matter what industry you are working in or what demographic you are trying to reach, a focus group recruiting company will find qualified participants in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Save time, money, and resources with a focus group recruitment company on your next qualitative market research project.

Save time and money with a focus group recruitment company

Some B2B or B2C businesses are tricked by the promise of DIY market research and choose not to hire a focus group recruitment company. The problem? Without having experience in qualitative recruitment, these organizations are shooting in the dark to find the people they are hoping will join their focus group.

Inevitably, DIY market researchers end up spending more time, resources, and money trying to find qualified focus group participants.

A focus group recruitment agency has the experience and knowledge to know what does and does not work. It is their sole purpose to recruit focus group participants in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Think about it this way. You buy a box of hair dye from the store thinking it will save you money compared to a professional hairdresser. However, now your blonde hair looks orange and uneven. Time for a visit to the salon to spend even more time and money to fix this mess.

To ensure your focus group is most successful, leave the focus group recruiting to the professionals.

Focus group recruitment companies find qualified participants quickly

Data collected from a focus group is only as strong as the participants recruited for the group discussion. It is important to have the best representation of your target demographic in a focus group to answer your key business questions in order to make future profitable decisions.

By partnering with a company that specializes in focus group recruitment, you have the peace of mind of finding these qualified participants. One step further, a focus group recruitment company will deliver this promise fast.

The key factor here is digital outreach. As opposed to other traditional focus group recruitment methods, look for a company who places an emphasis on online recruitment rather than dialing random phone numbers. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack.

Our focus group recruitment company, for example, has an impressive pool of extremely qualified and targeted participants that can be recruited within days of launching fieldwork.

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Companies who recruit for focus groups know where best to target participants

As a focus group recruitment company, we cannot stress this enough – focus group participants drive the effectiveness and the results of the research. With that being said, it is not always easy to track down the perfect group of research participants. And even when you do, they are not always willing to participate in a focus group.

By partnering with a market research company that specializes in qualitative recruiting, you are increasing those odds of finding exactly who you want to include and who you want to answer these key business objectives.

For example, a new restaurant is conducting focus group research to understand what factors drive millennials in choosing a place to eat. The restaurant chooses to hire a focus group recruiting firm to find participants who are:

  • A mix of males and females
  • Live in the area
  • Were born between 1981 and 1996

With this criteria in mind, the focus group recruitment company chooses to run paid social advertising on social media platforms in which millennials are most present. The imagery and text of the social advertisements are customized to these audiences to increase eyeballs and link clicks.

As the social advertising campaign continues, the focus group recruitment company oversees its progress and makes any changes to ensure the best quality candidates are served the ads. Within days, the focus group company has targeted the exact group of individuals to participate in the restaurant market research.

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