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When you think of market research, you likely immediately think of a few types of projects. You might think of a focus group. Or you might think of an intercept survey as you leave an event. One of the other common forms of market research you also might think of is a customer satisfaction survey. These CSAT studies have long been a popular type of market research over the years.

A customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is a questionnaire administered to your customers or members to understand levels of loyalty, drivers to purchase, satisfaction with specific aspects of the experience, and other key criteria or key performance indicators (KPIs).

If you came across our market research company website today looking for example customer satisfaction survey questions, we are here to help.

Here is a look at 7 example questions you can utilize as part of your market research from our customer satisfaction survey company in New York.

Here are 7 example customer satisfaction survey questions.

Question 1: Using a scale of 0 to 10 where "10" is very likely to recommend, how likely are you to recommend [INSERT ORGANIZATION] to a friend or colleague?

This is the framework to inquire about net promoter score (NPS). NPS measures loyalty to a company, organization, or brand. It uses a simple 0 to 10 scale of likelihood to recommend. Those who rate your organization a 9 or 10 are grouped together into promoters. Those who rate you 7 or 8 are grouped into passives. Those who rate you 0 to 6 are coded as detractors. Detractors are subtracted from promoters to arrive at a NPS ranging from -100 to +100.

Question 2: What factor(s) matter most to you when choosing an [INSERT TYPE OF ORGANIZATION, PRODUCT, OR SERVICE]?

This customer satisfaction question addresses motivators in choice. We ask this question a lot in our bank and credit union surveys. The question inquires about reasons or drivers to choosing a bank or credit union. This includes categories like low/no fees, convenience, high interest savings accounts, variety of services offered, etc. This question helps your organization address what factor(s) matter most when choosing. These messages can easily be incorporated into your marketing and strategy.

Question 3: What word or phrase comes to mind when you think of [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME]?

This question tackles brand associations and brand equity. It's a quick way to acquire top-of-mind and unaided impressions on a brand. Organizations may hear words like quality, value, customer service, etc. This helps you assess what customers associate with your brand (positive, neutral, or negative). The output is coded into word counts and a word cloud to graphically display the words used most.

Question 4: Using a scale of 1 to 5 where "5" is very satisfied, how satisfied are you with each of the following factors?

In addition to inquiring about overall loyalty and satisfaction with NPS, you should also include a series of questions that address a deeper layer of satisfaction. These are specific aspects of the customer experience including evaluating items like customer service, accuracy, professionalism, responsiveness, etc. These factors identify improvement areas for your organization and can be correlated to understand hidden drivers to overall satisfaction.

Question 5: How does [INSERT ORGANIZATION] compare to the competition?

Context matters. NPS is helpful because it can be benchmarked against other organizations across the country and within your industry to understand how you compare. You can address this in another fashion by comparing your organization to the competition by asking a simple comparison question. You can either compare yourself overall or ask how you compare on specific factors like customer service, accuracy, etc. We suggest asking this as better, the same, or worse or much better, somewhat better, the same, somewhat worse, or much worse. It's a 3-point or 5-point scale.

Test advertising recall in your customer satisfaction survey.

Question 6: Where have you seen or heard advertising for [INSERT ORGANIZATION] in the past 30 days?

This example customer satisfaction survey question addresses advertising recall in the past 30 days or 90 days. This is a simple way to test return or ROI on marketing channels to understand where customers recall seeing your brand or marketing. This should offer a list of advertising channels your organization uses including online, Facebook, radio, TV, etc.

Question 7: Would you like to be contacted by our organization for any reason?

This is an atypical customer satisfaction survey question but one that carries a lot of value. This case management question helps your CSAT data become more actionable in that the survey becomes a vehicle to improve the customer experience. If any customer wants or needs to be contacted by your organization the survey can collect this information for you. Contacts could relate to additional sales, billing questions, or customer service issues.

Here are 3 value-added questions to add to your customer survey.

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