Improve Your Market Research Insights Reports

If you do anything the same way for long enough, it eventually becomes stale. If you've ever worked with market insights reports, you know this to be especially true.

Research insights reports often fall into the trap of showing endless tables and charts in the same format, likely because this is how it's always been done. As a result, readers become disengaged and miss important data points.

How can you kick your market insights report up a notch? Constantly evolve your work. Funny enough, our market research company has a saying, "You should be embarrassed of a report you created a year ago."

This is not to say our past reports were poorly executed, but instead serves as a reminder to constantly build upon the way in which we present and deliver our reports. This is largely a motivator for us to bring new designs and techniques to the table for our clients.

Stuck in a reporting rut? Try adding these three valuable additions to your next market insight report to keep it fresh.

Improve Your Market Research Insights Reports

Add these 3 valuable elements to your next market insights report to keep clients and readers fully engaged.

1. Verbatim quotes

Qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups and phone interviews allow respondents to answer non-restrictive, open ended questions. They are not bound to multiple choice answers and instead give researchers great insight on the objective of the study.

Using their dialogue as a supporting quote in a market insights report can really drive the point of the research home.

A huge benefit of showcasing the participant in their own words is the credibility that comes with it. Any researcher can go into great detail of their findings and insights of a qualitative study, but a verbatim quote is one of the few ways you can directly support a research theme.

Rather than sifting through dozens of transcript pages, consider grouping several quotes together to provide an easy and digestible reading experience.

See what we did there? Long or short, a quote can be a great complement to a page in the report otherwise made up of text blocks. The quotes often appear in text bubbles that are visually engaging for the reader.

2. Benchmark data

Another way to take your research report to the next level is through secondary benchmark data or statistics. Benchmark data is collected through an initial study in order to gather measurements which will later serve as a comparison to similar research. This type of data allows for additional context for new and future research.

A common application of benchmark data is looking at industry or competitive data alongside primary data. For example, a restaurant hires a market research company to benchmark customer service metrics such as customer satisfaction against their major competitors.

Metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) or statement agreement questions may also be used as a standard within your client's industry. These comparisons are excellent gauges to see where an organization strengths and weaknesses are relative to the competition.

Benchmark data is also often used within a tracker study. Trackers utilize data from previous waves of fieldwork and compare them to new respondents' answers to the identical questions. Looking at analytics together can help to identify changes or trends over time.

Learn more why benchmark data is critical in market research.

3. Infographics

A personable favorite at our market research company? Infographics. Infographics are an ideal way to share results of a study in a concise and engaging manner. An infographic is a visual representation of data, knowledge, or information to quickly and easily cover a topic.

Infographics are straight to the point and are sure to capture the reader's attention. Imagery, charts, and keywords make the research come to life.

The fun nature of infographics allows them to be shared across audiences outside of research roles. Some possibilities include distributing them as ready-to-go content marketing or in the employee break room at the client's organization. Clients see value in infographics as quick hits for those who might rather skip reading the full report.

Interested in tackling an infographic for yourself? Check out these four tips.

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