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"Market research is boring." False. While, market research thrives off of hard data and evidence, it is also the catalyst for telling a story about a brand, product, service, or target customer.

The feedback received from a market research study does not only have to be outlined in a report, but oftentimes is displayed through an infographic to offer a new way of viewing the data.

Infographics are also a great downloadable piece to improve your content marketing strategy. They are a no brainer! Watch as our market research company explains 4 simple tips to improving your infographic design.

Gone are the days of 200+ market research reports with little color or visuals. Use these 4 easy tips to enhance the design of your next infographic.


Tip #1: Design the Infographic by Featuring Shocking Data

Instead of only showing common themes or responses within the feedback, look for standalone data that would be more shocking to the reader.

For example, you are creating an infographic about the most popular seasons according to Americans. It is not likely a shocking factoid, most Americans prefer Fall or Summer as their favorite season. Instead, look for the shocking data hidden within the results. Keeping with this example, look for the top reasons people love Winter, or the top reasons people dislike Fall.

You are the expert! If there are nuggets of data you found to be most surprising or did not turn out how you originally expected before conducting the study, make sure to feature this in the design of your infographic.

Tip #2: Keep the Infographic Design Simple

Whether you've conducted an online survey, focus groups, or an intercept survey you are likely to have collected tons and tons of data. Do not get bogged down by incorporating every single data point into the design of your infographic.

It is important for an infographic to clearly display the findings of a market research study. Make sure it is easy to read and not overwhelming for the reader. This allows for several data points to go unnoticed or overseen if the infographic design is hard to follow.

Choose wisely what facts and figures you want to feature, and anything leftover can always be included in a market research report, blog post, whitepaper, and so on.

Tip #3: Create an Infographic with the Reader in Mind

As you are creating an infographic, always keep the reader in mind. This could mean including elements of white space, maintaining a manageable length, or a general flow of data.

For example, our market research company conducted a Central New York beer survey to ask about the beer preferences of those living in the 7-county Syracuse DMA.

With the data collected from an online survey, Drive Research created an infographic outlining the major facts and findings. We incorporated the feedback section by section, such as occasions and ways to drink beer, favorite food and season based off of beer, breweries in the area, etc.

An infographic should tell a story with a clear path from beginning to end. The reader will best be able to capture all major data points this way.


Tip #4: Get Creative with the Design of an Infographic

The best part about designing an infographic based on a market research study is straying away from charts and graphs. This is your time to be creative and turn "boring" information into something lighthearted.

It is not easy to capture someone's attention, and it's even harder to keep it. Infographics are a great resource for displaying important information in an engaging way.

Do not design your infographic on a basic template. Design the infographic in a way that is customized to the client or the study. This means including elements such as different fonts, colors, and icons.


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