3 Market Research Trends in 2019

Another year over, a new one just begun. Sing it, Lennon! We're three months into the new year and have already noticed major trends in market research and how they will impact the industry.

It is important to embrace these changes to encourage greater user and customer experience alike. The more you can utilize these trends, the better.

3 Market Research Trends in 2019

Keep up with the latest trends in market research to ensure you are meeting the demands of current and potential customers.

1. Relevant and shareable content

It was decades ago that Bill Gates proclaimed, “Content is king.” And if Bill Gates is selling it, I’m buying it. Literally. This ideology of offering quality content has only grown since then, and continues to play a major role in the success of market research and branding.

Not only is creating authentic and searchable content great for customer engagement, it also positively impacts SEO. It is no secret that the bar for SEO is high. It is the market research you collect that will take your business to the top (of Google). Think about it this way, is the ability to produce quality content effective, if your audience can’t find it?

Optimizing your content and website is a best known practice for SEO, but with out the right keywords or phrases, your content will fall flat. Partner your SEO efforts with market research to determine the how and the what your target audience is searching for. When done correctly, market research can seriously take your SEO to the next level and allow your organization to stand out among competitors.

2. Intelligence and Automation Artificial

Hey Alexa, how will AI impact market research? The promise of artificial intelligence has truly changed the way organizations and customers interact. Utilizing this in the customer and marketing phase of research can help augment results.

While traditional research methods like online surveys and focus groups will remain a crucial component of how organizations are collecting customer data, it is the integration of automation services that will help streamline these processes.

Consider a hybrid approach to market research by combing traditional methods and AI tools. You’ll receive the ease of quickly predicting and testing results, while also obtaining that face-to-face human interaction necessary in observation research and other methodologies.

3. Social Media

We are living in a digital world that offers consumers the ability to share their opinion with a touch of a button. Whether that has proved to be a good thing or not, it certainly opens the doors for market research. In fact, according to the Social Media Examiner, “71% of business owners state that marketplace insight is one of the most valuable benefits of social media.”

It is important that when using social media as a marketing research tool that you start with defined goals and objectives. What theory are you testing? What assumptions of the marketplace do you have? It is easy to get caught up in the mindless chatter being that the pool of respondents is so large. Having these preset objectives will allow you to find the data that is most helpful to you.

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