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Generation Z, or more commonly referred to as Gen Z, is transforming the way organizations are marketing their brand, products, and services. Many B2C businesses are being forced to throw away traditional marketing campaigns and think outside of the box for how to attract this new generation.

As a result, organizations have turned to Gen Z market research companies to collect feedback and data directly from Gen Zers in order to understand how they make their purchasing decisions. 

Market research with Generation Z is important for organizations to understand their motivations and attitudes. This insight will give any business a substantial competitive advantage as this generation has a collective spending power of over $140 billion.

Much like how Generation Z is changing the way organizations are selling, Gen Z has also transformed the way market research firms engage with participants and respondents born in the mid-90’s to late 2000s.  

Our Gen Z market research firm has conducted various market research studies in which we’ve recruited and engaged with Gen Zers. With these studies under our belt, Drive Research has compiled 4 major tips for market research with Gen Z to help those wanting to learn more about the most diverse and multicultural generation the United States has ever seen. Watch below!

1. Keep it Exciting 

When creating online surveys or a discussion guide, don’t be boring and stale with your questions. Gen Z market research participants have more respect and a better time staying engaged with a study when there is originality among the research.

Go beyond the traditional ticking of boxes. Consider implementing gamification or writing the survey with some personality.

Gamification is the concept of adding gaming elements into research activities to create a more interactive and fun experience for the targeted respondents – in this case, Gen Zers. Gamification is not just limited to online surveys, but can also be used in qualitative research, including focus groups and in-person interviews.

Examples of gamification for a qualitative study with Generation Z include voting on topics, writing on index cards, and physically ranking a brand or product. 

2. Don’t Only Use Q&A Format

By now everyone is used to the multiple-choice format in surveys, tests, questionnaires, and so on. A question is asked and a respondent is presented with a variety of answers for him/her to choose from. It is time to evolve – not only when conducting market research with Gen Z but for all types of audiences. 

Before introducing a study into fieldwork with Gen Zers, take a look at your survey and see where your questions can be more conversational. For example, our Generation Z market research company uses open text analysis to trigger what the next follow-up question will be. 

There are also a variety of question types to use to keep Gen Z respondents better engaged throughout the entirety of a survey including slider and ranking questions.  

3. Utilize Media Responses

Generation Z knows social media better than anybody. According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 45% of teens now say they are online “almost constantly.” 

Gen Zers are used to sharing photos and videos every day whether it is on Instagram or sending a GIF in an iMessage. In fact, today’s 13-24 year old has never lived in a world that didn’t involve likes, follows, and views of original content.

Media responses are how those in Gen Z choose to communicate, therefore it is important to incorporate this functionality into market research studies as well. 

By tying in video or photoresponses, a marketing research company is able to provide a more familiar question format and an overall better experience for the respondent

4. Take Advantage of Location

Lastly, take advantage of geofencing or location-based surveys. It has become a common practice for Gen Zers to have their location settings turned on, on their phone. This makes Generation Z the most ideal participant for in-the-moment surveys. 

Many organizations are looking to GPS exit surveys when conducting market research with Generation Z because it eliminates the need or interaction of an on-site interviewer disrupting a customer’s experience at a store, venue, arena, etc.

If a Gen Zer walks into a set geofenced territory, a notification can be sent to their phone to take a survey, collect a coupon, or other helpful marketing strategies. 

Learn more about utilizing location-based data.

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