4 Tips for a Better Market Research Report Presentation

The fieldwork for your market research project is complete, the data has been analyzed and compiled into a report, so there is only one thing left to do, the presentation!

Preparing for a market research presentation may not be a quick and easy task the first few times. Once you get into a rhythm that works best for you, you'll be a market research presentation pro!

Drive Research is a market research company that serves Rochester, NY, as well as market research needs across the country, and it's safe to say we are pros at market research debrief meetings. We've done quite a few over the years on a variety of topics.

Whether you are presenting market research results in front of a large group or just a few people, the tips below will help prepare you for your next market research debrief meeting.

4 Tips for a Better Market Research Report Presentation

Get excited. Market research debrief meetings are all about data and key findings!

Tip #1: Get Overly Familiar With The Report

If you wrote the market research report, or had a heavy hand in writing the report or preparing the results, this step will be a breeze! (Or at least pretty simple.)

As a first step to prepare for a market research presentation, get familiar with all of the content in the report. This includes the entire report, everything from the table of contents to the last page in the appendix.

The beginning of the market research debrief meeting is a great time to give a brief overview of the report. Let's face it, not everyone in the meeting will have had the time to read the entire report, especially if it's over 100 pages. Being familiar with the report makes the introduction to your market research presentation more fluid and prepares you when specific questions about the research arise.

Looking for quick tips on how to create a better market research report? We've got you covered.

Tip #2: Write Notes

This step prepares the presenter for the following tip, which is to practice the presentation. In this step, the market research professional will write speaking notes to help guide themselves through the market research debrief meeting.

These notes can be as brief or detailed as you'd like! Some market research pros prefer to write a few notes along the sides of the market research report and others prefer to draft out a script. Whether you prefer brief notes, a script, or a hybrid of these two methods, be sure to take some time to help guide yourself through the market research presentation.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice (Seriously, Practice A Few Times)

This is the most important step. It's so important I'm going to write it twice. Practicing is the most important step when preparing for a market research presentation.

Speaking out loud a few times will help you get familiar with the flow of the presentation, help ensure you do not read the market research report word for word, identify areas to provide additional insight on, and make yourself sound more prepared. This will also help you identify and fix any areas you find are difficult to present rather than trying to get yourself through it on the spot during the presentation.

Tip #4: Be Excited To Discuss The Market Research Report

One of the best pieces of advice I've received when preparing for a market research presentation is to be excited to discuss the results. You enjoy what you do (or at least I hope you do), so remember that fact going into your presentation and be excited to talk about the results of the study.

This tip has helped me get in an ideal state-of-mind before a market research debrief meeting. Remember, the individuals you are presenting to are likely very interested in the results of the study and want to hear all about the data, key findings, and next steps. Being excited to share the results of the study with them sets a positive tone and helps ensure the market research presentation runs smoothly. And don't forget to use an engaging design in your presentation; it always helps for great storytelling.

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