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The best lawyers are curious lawyers. Lawyers who know the right questions to ask. Lawyers who see every new case with a different perspective.

Drive Research treats market research with the same valor. Our legal market research company goes beyond best practices and industry norms to provide our legal clients with the data and insight they need specifically for their objectives.

We work with our law firm clients to understand key market areas, identify drivers for selecting a law firm in this territory, determine the most effective way to reach this audience, and evaluate market perceptions.

With this insight derived from a legal market research study, your law firm will succeed in regaining its share of the market against competing law firms.

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Our Custom Law Firm Market Research Services

At Drive Research, we offer comprehensive market research solutions, employing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Our dedicated team crafts tailored studies aligned with your firm's specific goals and objectives.

Explore the range of services our market research company provides for law firms:

Mock Jury

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To achieve the most life-like results, a legal team will choose to rent a mock trial facility and recruit mock jurors who best match the criteria of jurors they’ll select for the actual trial. Drive Research can assist with both!

The feedback collected from mock juries allows law firms to gain valuable insights into potential juror perceptions, attitudes, and decision-making processes, helping them to refine trial strategies and improve the chances of a favorable outcome.


Client Satisfaction Surveys

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Our end-to-end project management client satisfaction surveys include survey design, programming, fielding, and analysis. These surveys can encompass a range of aspects, including overall contentment with the legal services provided, the client experience, and the effectiveness of services offered.

The insights gathered from these surveys enable legal teams to pinpoint areas for enhancement and formulate strategies to elevate the overall client experience.


Community Surveys

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Many people do not hire a lawyer until after a significant event has occurred in their lives.

It can make it challenging for law firms to obtain new clients because it is challenging to sell legal services if someone is not requesting them.

But with community surveys that include questions related to awareness, perception, factors influencing choice, and other pertinent aspects, law firms can swiftly assess their position relative to local competitors in the market.


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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online client reviews will make or break someone’s decision to work with your legal team. In fact, a survey showed that 98% of people would read online reviews of the attorney before hiring them.

Not only can our legal market research firm provide an increased number of positive reviews, but Drive Research will also acquire invaluable feedback from your clients.

This data will help guide your marketing and business strategy to help you earn new business.


Competitive Assessment

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Collect crucial insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors with Drive Research.

The in-depth knowledge gathered from competitive assessments empowers your firm to identify areas of differentiation, refine its positioning, and develop effective strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Moreover, it enables your team to make informed decisions, optimize service offerings, and ultimately enhance its market share and reputation within the legal industry.


Gain valuable insights into your clients' experiences and stay ahead of your competition by conducting custom legal market research.

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Why Companies Love Drive Research

Our legal market research company works with our law firm clients to understand key market areas, identify drivers for selecting a law firm in this territory, determine the most effective way to reach this audience, and evaluate market perceptions. With over 200 positive Google reviews, our client testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Market Research Services

What is legal market research?

Legal market research involves gathering and analyzing data specific to the legal industry to gain insights into client preferences, competitor performance, industry trends, and overall market dynamics. It helps law firms make informed decisions, improve client satisfaction, and refine their strategies to stay competitive and successful in the legal landscape. This research may encompass surveys, data analysis, competitor benchmarking, and perception studies within the legal services sector.

What is an example of legal market research?

An example of legal market research would be analyzing client feedback and satisfaction surveys to understand the specific preferences and needs of clients within a particular legal practice area, like corporate law or family law. This research helps law firms tailor their services, refine marketing strategies, and make data-driven decisions to enhance client experiences and stay competitive in their respective legal market.

What is the cost of legal market research?

The cost of legal market research can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of the project. It may range from a few thousand dollars for smaller-scale studies or surveys, to tens of thousands or more for extensive research involving complex methodologies, in-depth analysis, and a large sample size. Factors such as the specific research objectives, data collection methods, and the level of expertise required from the research firm also influence the overall cost.

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