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Working with Our Legal Market Research Company

Whether your firm provides criminal, corporate, commercial, family, or labor legal services, one thing is for certain: lawyers do their research.

When a new client or case comes across their desks, lawyers work frivolously to find pertinent information within databases and witnesses to build an unbeatable argument.

The best lawyers are curious lawyers. Lawyers who know the right questions to ask. Lawyers who see every new case with a different perspective.

Drive Research treats market research with the same valor. Our legal market research company goes beyond best practices and industry norms to provide our legal clients with the data and insight they need specifically for their objectives.

Approach to Law Firm Market Research

Many people do not hire a lawyer until after a significant event has occurred in their lives. It can make it challenging for law firms to obtain new clients because it is challenging to sell legal services if someone is not requesting them.

When it comes time for someone to require legal services, how can your firm position itself as the top contender? With law firm market research.

Our legal market research company works with our law firm clients to understand key market areas, identify drivers for selecting a law firm in this territory, determine the most effective way for reaching this audience, and evaluate market perceptions.

With this insight derived from a legal market research study, your law firm will succeed in regaining the share of the market against competing law firms.

Market Research Services for Law Firms

Brand perception, service awareness, and reputation are paramount in the legal industry. Our in-depth law firm market research services provide an upper hand in a highly competitive space.

Common types of legal market research studies provided by Drive Research include:

  • Mock Trial: To achieve the most life-like results, a legal team will choose to rent a mock trial facility and recruit mock jurors who best match the criteria of jurors they’ll select for the actual trial. Drive Research can assist with both!
  • Community Survey: Quickly gauge how your law firm stacks up against competitors. A community survey can ask people in your designated market area questions relating to awareness, perception, factors of choice, and more.
  • Follow-up Phone Interviews: In addition to an online community survey, follow-up phone interviews to select respondents offer more in-depth feedback from potential clients. Phone surveys allow a trained interviewer to ask respondents additional questions and to expand on their commentary.
  • Online Reputation Management: Online client reviews will make or break someone’s decision to work with your legal team. Not only can our legal market research firm provide an increased number of positive reviews, but Drive Research will also acquire invaluable feedback from your clients. This data will help guide your marketing and business strategy to help you earn new business.

These are just a few of the market research services Drive Research can provide for your law firm. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today!

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