Mock Trial Recruiting and Facility

Discussion groups are often conducted in the initial discovery stage of mock trial research. These mock trial discussions follow a very similar flow to market research focus groups.

These allow attorneys to better understand common juror concerns and experiences in order to determine what areas of the case need further explanation or educate in an actual court case.

In order to achieve the most life like results, a legal team will choose to rent a mock trial facility and recruit mock jurors who best match the criteria of jurors they’ll select for actual trial.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to find quality mock juror recruits and what to look for in a mock trial facility or focus group facility.

All rise. The mock trial is now in session.

Mock Trial Recruiting and Facility

Mock trial research is essential in preparing for any court case. Learn how to find quality mock juror recruits and what to look for in a mock trial facility.

Mock trial benefits

A mock trial group identifies first impressions and gut reactions of a trial jury. Understanding these emotions allow a legal team to uncover relevant issues and restructure their arguments to best represent their case.

Being that a focus group is an interactive market research methodology, the firm can apply group discussion and moderator techniques to understand what the trial jurors do and do not understand about the case objectives.

Rather than a lawyer speaking to jurors who are unable to provide verbal feedback or ask questions, a mock trial offers a two-way channel communication to dive into these issues deeper.

Recruiting mock trial participants

Finding mock trial jurors who most match your actual jury-eligible criteria is essential in preparing for trial. It’s critical to find participants who have specific beliefs or feel a certain way in regards to the trail.

The advantage of partnering with a focus group company is their experience in qualitative recruiting which mirrors the approach needed to develop a mock trial. In other words, the process for validating qualified mock jurors is not much different from the questions you’d ask of actual juror candidates.

For example, a law firm is representing a personal injury case in which a construction worker was injured on the job but did not receive worker’s compensation. During the jury selection process, candidates may be asked the following questions:

  • How many of you would have difficulty not awarding money to someone who has been injured?
  • How many of you believe that large corporations put profits above the safety of employees?
  • Have you heard of “Company X” – and if so, have you ever had any kind of association with the company and/or what is your opinion of the company?

These same questions can be asked in an online or phone survey when recruiting for mock trial juror participants. The answers to these questions will give a focus group company a better idea as to who best matches what the law firm is looking for.

In this case, if a recruit doesn’t see an importance in employee safety, they will not be asked to participate in the mock trial.

Our focus group company places a major focus on finding new audiences to meet your individual needs. Learn more our non-traditional qualitative recruitment process.

Rent a mock trial facility

Aside from quality mock juror recruits, it’s important to conduct your mock trial research in a controlled setting. Renting a mock trial facility goes beyond table and chairs. With access to a one-way mirror and viewing room, a counsel or legal team is able to observe the mock trial behind the scenes.

As an attorney walks through and discusses his/her opening statement, testimony and closing statement the counsel is able to have an intimate look into the mock jury’s behavioral cues and processes for reaching their decisions.

The research collected from the mock trial doesn’t have to end here, either. When choosing a mock trial facility, look for a venue with state-of-the art technology that allows for a recording of the mock trial for further viewing and evaluation.

Other helpful features include offsite video streaming for remote team members and HD cameras to clearly capture the trial jury’s body language and emotion.

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