eCommerce User Experience Market Research: How to Improve UX for Online Shoppers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce became the primary choice for shopping in 2020.

From grocery shopping to buying sweatpants, online shopping is experiencing a huge surge in not just the United States, but countries across the globe.

People became dependent on websites for their shopping needs, making the eCommerce user experience a very important aspect of the online world. 

The first few seconds of someone’s shopping experience on a website are actually the most crucial for a business. The websites try to reel in their customers right away, as well as keep them coming back in the future. 

In this blog post, we will talk about the importance of user experience on a website and the benefits of UX market research. This helps you keep your customers coming back for more. 

eCommerce User Experience Market Research: How to Improve UX for Online Shoppers

What is eCommerce UX Market Research?

User experience is a form of qualitative research where a focus is placed on a website, platform, software, or application.

Furthermore, it is a deeper look into why customers interact with your company in specific ways. 

The importance of eCommerce user experience research is simple. It can show you where a slight mistake on your website could lead a current customer to miss out on product benefits. 

This eventually leads to them looking towards your competitors’ online shopping sites instead. 

Example of eCommerce UX Market Research

One way brands can improve user experience is to measure the navigation and load time of your digital platform.

Many site users will bounce off your website and go to a competitor if these conditions are not met. 

For example, in a study conducted by Drive Research, the research highlighted barriers existing for users on an eCommerce website.

The objectives of the UX design study included:  

  1. Confirming product fit
  2. Determining aspects of the technology users need the most
  3. Assessing how users will use the product

Based on the data, our team provided recommendations on how to improve the UX of the website on desktop and mobile devices.  

After the recommended changes were implemented, our client's website increased conversion rates and credit card sales by 65%.

Learn more about the eCommerce UX market research study.

ROI Summer for eCommerce UX Market Research

Benefits of eCommerce UX Market Research

Of all the benefits that can come with eCommerce UX market research, the most important is increasing customer loyalty and recognition with your business.

The stronger your connection is with your customers, the less likely they are to leave and hop over to the competitor. 

Another huge benefit is, of course, increased return on investment.

According to the FAHM Technology partners, tweaking how intuitive the experience is, planning interactions, and improving calls to action leads to revenue growth.

Many things need to be put in place in order for this to all work, just like any big project. 

Types of UX Market Research for Online Stores

Online Surveys

Not only do online surveys give great feedback about your website, but on top of that, they give customers an immediate reason to visit a website.

Showing topics that people may be interested in through blog posts will further increase the chances of them returning to the website in the future.  

Web Interviews

Interviews are obviously a great way to interact with possible clients, especially during the global pandemic.

Web interviews became very important and dependent upon when the circumstances of COVID-19 were brought to our world. 

This is now a great way for market research companies to utilize screen share and have participants walk them through their path to purchase.

As participants are on an eCommerce site, an interviewer can ask their likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement. 

In-Person Interviews

If you are looking for a more in-depth interview, in person is definitely the way to go. You can get a better feel for things in-person than when interviewing through Zoom.

Brands can host in-person interviews at a focus group facility or at their office if confidentiality is not important. 

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