Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

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Finding success in the highly competitive beauty industry is becoming increasingly difficult as consumers continue to evolve. Beauty market research is helpful in understanding target consumers and measuring the effectiveness of advertising.

Conducting market research for beauty products answers key questions before launching an advertising campaign including:

  • Wondering what ad makes customers most likely to try your product or service?
  • Wondering what offer is most appealing to customers?
  • Wondering what resonates with customers after they see an ad?

These insights help take the guesswork out of knowing what ads will or will not resonate with target consumers. Better yet, ad effectiveness research improves advertising return on investment (ROI) by collecting customer feedback BEFORE a campaign is created. This saves time, money, and resources. 

Our market research company recently partnered with a nation’s leading beauty retailer to conduct advertising effectiveness research. Learn more about the objectives, approach, and results of beauty market research.

Objectives of the Beauty Market Research

A beauty retailer prepared a series of ads and offers to test in an online survey to help the team obtain quantitative feedback through ratings and open-ended comments. 

Our team drafted the survey document, managed fieldwork with an online panel, and prepared the report.

The main objective of the ad concept testing survey was to optimize space and messaging to ensure ads are reaching the audience. 

Secondary objectives of the beauty market research included: 

  • What messaging is working
  • Whether respondents understand the service advertised
  • Whether the advertisement/offer is enticing
  • If promotions are being presented effectively

Additionally, the beauty brand had specific criteria for who was to participate in the research study.

The target criteria for the ad effectiveness survey included:

  • U.S. consumers
  • Age 18 to 60
  • Female
  • Primary or shared decision-maker for beauty
  • Household income of $25,000 or more
  • Interest in specific beauty products and services
  • Purchased beauty products/services in the past 12 months
  • Shopped for beauty/grooming products in the past 6 months
  • Spend $8 or more in a typical month on beauty/grooming
  • Aware of the beauty brand
  • Willing to purchase from the beauty brand in the future

💡 The Key Takeaway: We worked with a beauty retailer to gather feedback that could further promote the brand’s messaging strategies. A strict list of criteria helped us target the proper demographic for this project. 

Approach to Measuring Beauty Advertising

Based on the objectives of the beauty retailer, our market research company recommended conducting advertising effectiveness research. 

An advertising effectiveness survey is beneficial in identifying:

  • What advertisement resonates the most with target consumers 
  • Whether customers understand what is being advertised
  • How likely customers are to try to product/service being advertised
  • Whether advertisements are being shown effectively

To measure this feedback, Drive Research conducted an online survey. This is a cost-effective approach when obtaining a large number of responses, in a short time period. 

The online survey gathered 400 responses from the target audience. The survey included 70 questions and took 20 minutes to complete.

Fieldwork began on October 6 and lasted until October 12, 2020. The margin of error for the study was +/- 4.9%. 

Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of ad concept testing.

Results of the Beauty Market Research

While the results remain confidential with the beauty retailer client, the market research was successful in answering the following questions:

  • Which of the following beauty retailers are you aware of?
  • Which of the following beauty retailers would you be willing to purchase from in the future?
  • What factors are most important to you in selecting a store or website for beauty products?
  • Please review the image below and share what you like about the image.
  • Review the images below for at least 10 seconds. Which of the images do you like the least?
  • Please review the image below and share what you don’t like about the image.
  • Thinking about the images you just saw, which of the following offers do you recall?
  • After reviewing each of the offers below, what are the top 3 offers that are most enticing to you?

The results of the ad effectiveness survey included a comprehensive report using the beauty brand’s template, a full export of crosstabs in Excel which included significance testing, and the raw data file.

The report document leads with the background, objectives, and methodology of the market research and then features the key findings, summary, and appendix. 

The appendix included the question-by-question analysis of the survey and a copy of the survey document.

Conducting Beauty Research With a Third-Party Team

Being a third-party market research company, we’ll always tell you it’s ideal to let the pros handle the research–because it’s true. However, with beauty industry market research, it’s especially important. 

Why? Because the beauty industry is ever-evolving.

In fact, web advertising accounts for over 34% of the beauty industry’s ad spend. It’s important to glean the most out of research data so beauty brands can learn important information about their customer base and improve their advertising efforts. 

This can result in: 

  • Increased inclusivity outreach
  • A better understanding of your customer base
  • New ideas for marketing/advertising 

For instance, the client wanted to focus on advertising strategy. 

Since we were running the project, we could funnel all of our time and resources into this specific aspect of the brand. If they were to conduct this research solo, the beauty retailer would likely not be able to gain such clear data, due to other company responsibilities. 

Arguably the most important part of a third-party market research team is objectivity

Beauty companies or not, it’s hard for businesses to see things from an outside perspective when conducting their own research. And without that perspective, it’s difficult to get the best data. 

What’s more, it’s difficult to use that data effectively

As you’ll soon read in our next section, our company was able to gather detailed insights and essential data for the beauty retailer. Packaged up in a nice beauty market research report, clients can then easily see the consumer feedback from surveys–instead of putting something together on their own. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Our clients choose to work with us because they knew we’d give them solid data and an outside perspective. As always, we were able to provide that perspective along with quality survey insights.

Conduct Your Next Beauty Market Research Study with Drive Research

The beauty industry is becoming increasingly competitive. To stand out against the competition, consider conducting market research with your target market.

Drive Research, a national market research company, can deliver quick, effective insights through a variety of methodologies.

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