Advertising and Marketing Research

Surveys, Focus Groups, and Customer Experience (CX) Research

"Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes

of enemy signals." - David Ogilvy

Market research takes the gut feelings out of your advertising and marketing campaigns and backs them up with evidence-based data-driven tactics. Don't blindly spend.


Using an advertising research company in Syracuse, NY like Drive Research reduces the risk of failure and underachieving marketing campaigns. Drive Research works with advertising and marketing firms to optimize messaging, explore consumer behavior, and test creative.


Drive Research puts your potential creative in front of real customers to collect feedback so your campaign can be enhanced for the best possible ROI. This can be completed through focus groups, online surveys or user experience (UX) research


We preach better data, better decisions, better strategy at Drive Research. Marketing and advertising can work hand-in-hand with market research to accomplish this.

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