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    How to Increase the ROI of Voice of Customer (VoC) Research

    Voice of Customer (VoC) research is an important trend in the market research industry. I recently attended a webinar titled, "How to Maximize ROI From Your VoC Program". The webinar discussed several different tips and strategies on how to increase the value of VoC research. The post below summarizes key tips from the webinar. Wondering what VoC research is? VoC research consists of gathering feedback from customers through market research. The methodology for VoC research can vary but typic

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  • customer-engagement-trends-market-research-10052018

    3 Customer Engagement Trends for 2019

    Every year market research professionals can expect new and exciting trends in market research. With technological advances, globalization, and new products and services continuing to break into an already crowded marketplace, it becomes more and more vital for businesses to better understand target markets. Developing successful marketing campaigns is key to continued success and increased revenue for the upcoming year. Market research trends have drastically changed over the years and will co

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    5 Market Research Services for Manufacturers to Collect Key Insights

    Obtaining customer feedback is crucial to the success of a manufacturer. As a manufacturing company, the term customer could mean many things to you. Customer could mean a distributor. Customer could mean and end-user. Customer could mean a buyer or purchasing agent. Customer could mean an OEM manufacturer. Whatever you deem as your customers, the same theory holds true: customer feedback is invaluable. When it comes to market research services for manufacturers, you are not short of options. Y

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    Need an Estimate on a Customer Survey? | Components of a Quote

    If you are searching for an estimate on a customer survey, here are the 4 components you want to understand as you request a quote from a market research company. Estimates are not always an apples-to-apples comparison if you compare one bid to another. This is because there are many variables and unknowns with market research. Offering up some of this information on the front-end can help you obtain a more accurate estimate on your customer survey. Unsure about which methodology or direction t

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    Breakdown of Costs in a Customer Survey | Market Research Firm

    Customer surveys are a common form of market research and arguably the most valuable as well. Voice of Customer (VoC) market research is essential to businesses and organizations because it helps you better understand customer profiles, better understand motivators to choice, and helps you grow. Customer surveys come in many forms: paper surveys, mail surveys, intercept surveys, online surveys, email surveys, and phone surveys. For the purpose of this article today, I will talk about the most c

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  • increase-response-rate-market-research-07102018

    6 Ways to Increase Response Rates to Your Customer Survey

    Response rates. They can be very tricky because when you launch a survey you are jumping into the great unknown. How many will reply? You think you have an estimate but how sure are you? What if you receive only 50 responses? Are you equipped to handle 5,000 responses for analysis and reporting? That is a lot of unanswered questions. With the majority of clients our customer survey company works with, most of the concern revolves around too little feedback. We've even worked on some projects wh

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    How Much Does a Customer Survey Cost? | Customer Survey Firm NY

    The age old question. A question that is asked about all types of market research, not only a customer survey. Organizations and companies always try to assess the cost of market research and customer surveys. The answer is not a simple one, but we will take some time to explain the variables which impact the cost of your customer survey. The five factors which impact the cost of the customer survey most are: (1) methodology, (2) number of customers, (3) length of survey, (4) level of reporting

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    8 Questions to Include in Your Customer Survey | VoC Company

    If you are thinking about conducting a customer survey at your company, you're moving in the right direction. Customer feedback can help an organization understand what they do well, what needs to improve, and how to best market to new customers. But developing the questionnaire can be quite a task. What questions do we ask? How do we ask them? How many questions do we ask? If you're asking yourself these common questions about Voice of Customer (VoC), we are here to help. Our VoC company gi

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    5 Rules of Voice of Customer (VoC) | Market Research Supplier

    Voice of Customer (VoC) is one of the most popular forms of market research. It is the essence of market research: reaching out to customers, asking for feedback, listening, and taking action. I spent the last week traveling across the northeast to present at several Digital Marketing Bootcamps in Worcester, MA, Albany, NY, and Syracuse, NY. There, I spoke about the benefits of using VoC for digital marketing strategies. Here is a recap of the 5 rules of VoC I discussed. Most of these center ar

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  • voc-mistakes-market-research-03132018

    8 Common Voice of Customer (VoC) Mistakes | VoC Company

    We've said it before on our Voice of Customer (VoC) company blog, and we'll say it again. No single type of study offers better ROI and a higher return than a customer survey. The process itself is very straightforward. It involves several steps from kickoff through reporting. Here are the 8 steps of a Voice of Customer (VoC) survey. Proposal Kickoff Survey Design Programming and Testing Soft-Launch of Fieldwork Full Launch of Fieldwork Analysis Reporting Depending on the scope of a VoC surve

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    5 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

    Choices. Choices. When it comes to market research, you will have a lot of options to choose from. One of the first decisions you'll need to make in-house or through the expert advice of a customer survey company is what type of methodology to move forward with. The 5 options below all center around quantitative projects. This main focus of quantitative is measurement. This is different from qualitative market research which aims to dig deep and explore. If a customer survey is of particular in

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  • voc-research-action-market-02022018

    Voice of Customer (VoC) Research in Action

    One of my favorite things to hear about in the news is companies putting customer feedback to good use! Voice of Customer (VoC) research gathers the thoughts and opinions from (you guessed it) customers. While I work with this type of research everyday it's great to see it promoted and discussed on a national level... especially when coffee is involved (note the foreshadowing). There are various different research methodologies organizations can use to collect VoC data. Classic examples of VoC

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