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Working with Our Albany VoC Company 

What is VoC?

Whether it be a quantitative or qualitative study, VoC surveys are always centered on your customers. Drive Research, a VoC company near Albany has experience implementing this type of market research via email, phone, and mail. Regardless of the project scope, VoC focuses on your customers and learning their feelings, opinions, and experiences. Our VoC company near Albany is able to partner with your organization to evaluate your objectives and pair a methodology to address your goals. 

What are the advantages of VoC?

Not sure where to begin with market research? VoC research is a great place to start. No business or marketing strategy is more aligned with your customer needs and expectations. Many businesses, both small and large, come to a VoC company near Albany with the goal of answering their customer’s pain points. Drive Research is able to implement VoC surveys to showcase what the brand is doing right, what they are doing wrong and opportunities for growth. From here, organizations are able to identify next steps based on customer feedback. 

What are some examples of VoC?

To name a few, phone surveys, email surveys, online surveys, intercept surveys. Whether it is a quantitative, qualitative, or a combination of both - nearly all market research can be deemed VoC. This is because the overarching goal of many types of surveys is listening to customers and improving business and marketing strategies with this feedback. 

What are the deliverables for VoC?

The top-tier market research report delivered to our clients after VoC fieldwork is incomparable to any other national VoC firm. A customer survey report from our survey company near Albany includes an executive summary of common themes, recommendations and identified opportunities for growth, an infographic available for you to repurpose, customer personas, and an appendix with results broken down by key demographics per each question. The process does not end here. At least not for our VoC firm near Albany. Drive Research will work with you long after the data is collected to provide additional consultancy and recommendations for next steps. 

How much do VoC surveys cost?

No two projects are the same, therefore it is hard to provide one finite answer. The cost of a VoC survey with our customer survey company near Albany is decided by a number of different factors. This includes number of which methodology to use, the amount of responses, and the level of reporting to name a few. Drive Research will work with your organization closely to find a price that meets almost any budget. 

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