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  • Blog: PPC Ads Not Converting? Here's What To Do Next.

    PPC Ads Not Converting? Here's What To Do Next.

    If you’ve read any ‘Top Marketing Strategies’ list in the past couple of years, you know pay-per-click (PPC) ads are always a popular recommendation. And for good reason. Google AdWords campaigns produce one of the strongest returns on investment for organizations. Studies have shown for every dollar companies spend on pay-per-click advertising, they earn two dollars on average from Google Ads. While these conversion rates are the case for some, not all advertisers generate the same number

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  • Blog: Brand Sentiment: What It Is and How You Can Track It

    Brand Sentiment: What It Is and How You Can Track It

    Perhaps there is no more vital aspect to measure and understand than your brand. What is it? What does it stand for? How do people define it? Brand sentiment is arguably the most valuable asset for any person, organization, product, or service and is the umbrella image that shapes all other interactions. It is an evolving asset of a collection of ideas and impressions that can change for the good or bad over time. It’s always shifting based on the internal culture, marketing, strategy, ma

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  • Blog: kids laying and laughing in the grass

    How to Get More Members for Kids Programs and Youth Organizations

    After facing changes due to COVID-19 and returning to the new normal, making new friends is an important topic for many parents. So much so, PBS provided tips for parents to help their child(ren) make friends as children's social worlds are expanding again. Luckily for parents and caregivers, there are several different afterschool programs, extracurriculars, and youth classes to help the social development of young children. Consequently, this can mean a lot of competition for nonprofit org

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  • Blog: Name Testing a Healthcare Product or Service

    Name Testing a Healthcare Product or Service

    You are likely never short of ideas when naming a product or service in healthcare. You can spend weeks or months with your internal teams fine-tuning the name and figuring out the best path forward. However, some brands fail to realize that your buyers, not your sellers, determine the best product or service name. Although you may have arrived at an internal consensus, it is always essential to conduct market research to get feedback from your buying audience – whether that be doctors, phys

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  • Blog: Conducting A/B Testing? Use an Online Survey for Better Insights.

    How to Use a Survey to Conduct A/B Testing for Ads

    As a marketer, you’re likely no stranger to A/B testing an advertisement. For those who need a reminder, it is when a brand launches two advertisements at once. Each ad has a component that is slightly different from the other, such as a different color scheme or different ad copy. After a day or two, the brand looks at key analytics to determine which ad is offering the better return. This is the traditional, more common way of A/B testing in marketing. However, there is a newer, more data

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  • reasons to conside facebook online surveys market research

    5 Reasons to Consider Facebook Ads for Online Surveys

    Digital marketing on Facebook (particularly mobile) has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. In fact, Facebook accounts for around 10% of the global ad revenue, set to rise even further this year by reaching $135.94 in 2022. Although platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have shown accelerated growth over the past year or so, they still do not compete with the number of daily active users (DAUs) and monthly active users (MAUs) offered by Facebook as a whole. Advertising agencies a

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  • Blog: How to Survey Content Creators, Bloggers, & Influencers (Oh My!)

    How to Survey Content Creators, Bloggers, & Influencers (Oh My!)

    In recent years, we’ve seen the influencer marketing space explode. It’s no longer limited to household-named celebrities but is now saturated with thousands of social media personalities with varying niches. If you’ve done research on influencer marketing before, you know that there is a lot of conflicting information regarding best practices, impacts of brand partnerships, costs, and more. Because of these differing opinions, we recommend going straight to the source and surveying content

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  • Blog: Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Are you wondering what moves a customer from the initial awareness stages to becoming a life-long customer? Well, like most business questions and objectives - there’s a market research study that can answer this quorum. Customer motivation surveys are used by businesses to understand what motivates shoppers to move from awareness to interest to ultimately making a purchase. Knowing what motivates customers also helps set businesses up for success with customer satisfaction and loyalty. For

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  • Blog: Healthcare Branding: How to Test Medical Marketing and Advertising Concepts

    Healthcare Branding: How to Create the Best Medical Marketing Campaign

    According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 2 million different medical devices on the market which are categorized into +7000 generic device groups. So if a new healthcare product or service concept wants to enter the market, it’s safe to say it will need strong branding. The best way to test healthcare branding before entering the market is to use market research. Medical marketing and advertising concept tests can answer a variety of questions like: How appealing

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  • Brand Equity Survey: 4 Questions You Need to Be Asking

    Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is an important factor to measure for any organization. For instance, an interesting figure revealed that up to 77% of brands could simply vanish without anyone caring. We don’t want that to be you! Without properly measuring customer satisfaction, how can you be sure they are satisfied with your brand, product, or service? How can you be sure customers will remain loyal and continue to give you their business? That is where brand equity studies co

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  • Blog: Concept Testing a New Healthcare Product with Doctors

    How to Test a New Healthcare Product Concept with Doctors

    There are several new technologies and innovations being introduced to the healthcare field right now. More specifically, as with many industries, medical professionals are looking for ways to adapt to digital. Major areas of interest include virtual health, cloud-based technologies, AI, collaboration, and VR. However, when introducing a new healthcare product concept, there are many uncertainties. Is there a need for the product/service? What is an appropriate price? What are the best mark

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  • Raising the Awareness of a Nonprofit Business [With Examples]

    Operating as a lesser-known nonprofit organization against huge national organizations can be daunting. The struggle to obtain resources such as donations and volunteers is more difficult and the ability to serve those in need is negatively impacted by this lack of awareness. In fact, many studies have shown that 1 in 2 consumers are more likely to do business with a company whose logo they recognize. From a nonprofit perspective, this could apply to donors, volunteers, and other stakeholde

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