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  • Blog: What are Prospect Surveys? | Market Research Company

    What are Prospect Surveys? | Online Survey Company

    So how does one go about entering a new market? Research, of course! A great place to start is with a prospect survey. Utilizing prospect surveys among target non-customers is beneficial before taking the plunge into a new demographic, geography, or industry. They are also helpful in widening the net of people who are already a part of your target audience but have not converted to a paying customer or client. Chances are your business has aspirations to expand its footprint and reach new cus

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    4 Red Herring Question Examples to Improve Research Quality

    There is no such thing as a stupid question, right? Well, when it comes to market research methodologies such as online surveys, asking the silly questions can lead to a higher quality of data. A red herring or trap question is an often-underutilized market research tactic in which a survey company includes odd questions mixed into a strand of normal questions. This allows data analysts to easily recognize survey respondents who fully read and remained engaged throughout the survey and those wh

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  • how does an online survey project work

    How Does an Online Survey Project Work? | Market Research Company

    Not all online survey projects are the same, but each shares similar process characteristics. For the most part, our online survey company follows a related process flowchart of kickoff to design to fieldwork to reporting. However, you might find that each new online survey project provides new challenges and hiccups that force you to adjust your process on the fly. Working with a market research company that is flexible and responsive like Drive Research is essential. Having an idea about the

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  • conducting-market-research-12182018

    6 Steps to Conducting a Market Survey | Market Research Company

    Interested in conducting a market survey? Kudos to you for thinking outside of the box. Many organizations immediately jump to surveying customers when they think of market research but, what about the untapped market of non-customers? A market survey flips that notion on its head. A market survey is an excellent way to survey a general population or target market where you promote your products or services. In this blog post, our market research company will provide more insight into how to c

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  • Blog: 5 Videos to Help You Become an Expert in Online Surveys | Research Firm

    5 Videos to Help You Become an Expert in Online Surveys | Research Firm

    In this day and age, anyone can become an expert at virtually anything, all thanks to the internet. In this blog post, Drive Research, an online survey company, will equip you with the tools you need to become an expert in online survey creation and preparation by watching five videos from experts in the field. We have even compiled a list of best survey platforms to use to help you collect the data you need. 1. How to Create an Effective Online Survey Video duration: about 3 minutes In

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  • Blog: Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Are you wondering what moves a customer from the initial awareness stages to becoming a life-long customer? Well, like most business questions and objectives - there is a market research study that can answer this quorum. A customer motivation survey is used by businesses to understand what motivates customers to move from awareness to interest to ultimately making a purchase. Understanding what motivates customers also helps set businesses up for success with customer satisfaction and loyalty

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    36 Types of Online Survey Questions From Our Market Research Company

    Searching for the best type of question to ask in your upcoming customer survey, market survey, or satisfaction survey? Guess what. You will not find it. Determining the best type of question to ask in a survey ultimately boils down to preference. You will likely have a preference, I will have a preference, and a market research company would have another preference. Choosing the right type of question depends on a number of variables including: The intended length of your survey The audien

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  • Blog: 6 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Online Surveys

    6 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Online Surveys

    Believe it or not, there is an art to designing and curating online survey questions. Without the proper techniques, discipline, experience, or knowledge, significant mistakes are bound to be made. The one tried and true way of avoiding common mistakes in survey writing is to partner your efforts with a market research company, who specializes in online surveys. However, we know this isn’t always in the budget. In this blog post, Drive Research, an online survey company, will share six common

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  • Blog: What is a Corporate Image Study? | Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Corporate Image Study? | Market Research Company

    A corporate image study, similar to a brand equity study, measures the perception of an organization among their specific target audience. The goal is to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and expectations of the brand among that group of targeted consumers or clients. For this reason, defining the target audience is a critical factor in the success of a corporate image study. In this post, our market research company will discuss: Defining your target audience The benefits of a corpor

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  • survey writing mistakes research syracuse

    6 Common Survey Writing Mistakes to Avoid | Market Research Company

    Survey writing. It is something everyone might think they can do, but it takes a professional to do it correctly. There are several common mistakes amateur survey writers unknowingly make. Without a background in survey design and programming, they are easy to overlook. You wouldn't hire an amateur to work on your vehicle. You wouldn’t ask a first-year med student to perform open-heart surgery. And, you wouldn’t try to fly a plane without any training. Yes, I know these are extreme cases – bu

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  • market-research-panel-03222018

    What is a Market Research Panel?

    In the market research industry, panels are growing in popularity each day. As we start shifting away from telephone surveys and into the online and digital world, market research survey methodologies and techniques have evolved. Having access to an in-house panel, Drive Research has in-depth expertise with the process, benefits, and drawbacks to using a panel for both quantitative and qualitative research studies. Here is what we'll answer in this blog post (click a title to jump ahead to a

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  • Why 75% of Americans are Not Comfortable Returning to Gyms After Quarantine

    Why 75% of Americans are Not Comfortable Returning to Gyms After Quarantine

    As many states explore re-opening, there is a long list of unknowns for many businesses, especially for gyms and fitness centers. Drive Research surveyed 600 gym-goers across the United States to better understand their opinions on this controversial topic. This study outlines how Americans expect gyms to approach the re-opening process when the time comes. Prefer to read? Here are the highlights from our online survey. Three in five said COVID-19 has severely impacted their workout routin

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