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  • Brand Positioning: What It Is & How To Measure It

    Brand positioning is more than just sending emails and texts to try to increase interaction with consumers. In fact, research shows that 81 percent of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying from it. Even though many think of companies as just products/services, it’s really important to understand which customers are looking for more from brands and which are looking for an easy translation. All of this and more come into play when trying to measure and improve brand positioning.

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  • Blog: The Best Event Survey Questions From An Event Survey Company

    The Best Event Survey Questions From An Event Survey Company

    Find out more about your event from attendees, participants, and others with this list of event survey questions we picked. Generally, all feedback is good feedback but it’s important to have an engaging survey that won’t scare off your event-goers. A lot of companies lose precious feedback from using boring questions or asking the wrong things. When using the right survey you’ll get all the feedback you need (both positive and negative). In this article, you’ll find event survey questions

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  • Blog: How Much Does Ad Concept Testing Cost? | Market Research Company

    How Much Does Ad Concept Testing Cost?

    The cost of ad concept testing surveys ranges between $11,000 to $30,000 but it is dependent on various factors. For this reason, it’s difficult to provide a clear-cut answer to this common question. Think of it like this. Would you walk into a car dealership and ask, “How much does a car cost?” without needing to answer a few follow-up questions? What type of car would you like? What make, model, color, or year? And just like car shopping, there are many ways to adjust an ad concept testin

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  • Blog: Customer Perception Survey: What Is It & Why It’s So Important

    Explaining Customer Perception Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    The way a customer perceives your company is one of the most important factors in increasing retention and new business. The last thing you want is a negative image painted inside one of your customers' minds. Using a customer perception survey can identify what current and potential buyers think when they hear about your brand, products, or services. Understanding how the public perceives your organization will guide your sales and marketing efforts into a more aligned strategy. In this b

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  • Measuring Brand Essence with Market Research Blog Image

    Measuring Brand Essence [Examples, Process & Benefits]

    Brand essence is the core characteristic that defines a company. It is an intangible attribute that separates a brand from the competition. A good brand essence should meet the following criteria: Authentic: Is it credible?  Memorable: Is it short, punchy, and crisp? Unique: How does it stand out from competitors?  Sustainable and Scalable: Will the brand essence work as the company grows?   Relevant: Is it relevant to customers and the target audience? This blog post will discuss what bran

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  • how does an online survey project work

    7 Steps to Conducting Online Surveys [+ Examples]

    Online surveys have revolutionized the way data is collected and insights are gathered in today's digital world. Whether you're a researcher, business owner, or marketer, the ability to reach a diverse audience and gather valuable feedback through the convenience of the Internet is invaluable. In this blog post, our market research company discusses the essential steps of conducting effective online surveys. We'll begin by exploring what online surveys are and the different types they can t

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  • Blog: Survey Logistics Managers With These 5 Steps

    Survey Logistics Managers With These 5 Steps

    Logistics is a major, growing market making it a perfect audience for research. The market is estimated to increase by $319.65 million from 2022 to 2027. Some of the key topics in logistics revolve around the use of new technology to make processes more effective (i.e., automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robots), lack of labor force participation, and seeking ways to boost sustainability/green initiatives. Wondering how logistics managers plan to navigate the next year or their though

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  • How to Improve User Experience (UX) Design with an Online Survey

    How to Conduct User Experience (UX) Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    In today's digital landscape, creating exceptional user experiences has become a paramount goal for businesses and organizations alike. Understanding how users interact with a product or service is essential for designing intuitive interfaces, improving functionality, and fostering customer satisfaction. This is where user experience (UX) surveys play a vital role. In this article, we will dive deeper into user experience surveys, exploring why they are instrumental in user research, how to

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  • Blog: Measuring Fan Experience with Season Ticket Holder Surveys

    Season Ticket Holder Surveys: How to Measure Fan Experience

    Season ticket holders are some of the most loyal fans a sports franchise can have. Their significant financial commitment emphasizes their love and dedication to the team. Therefore, decisions should not be made without their input. A recent study found that 75% of Americans are either casual or avid sports fans. With that great of a figure, the US sports industry has much insight to gain. Conducting season ticket holder surveys can provide you with valuable insights from the heart of your

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  • Blog Post: Pricing Sensitivity Surveys

    Pricing Sensitivity Surveys: How to Price Your Products & Services

    Deciding on a price for your new products or services can be tricky. Consumer expectations are constantly changing on the demand side. While logistics and internal resources largely determine what is possible on the supply side. So how do you make an informed decision on pricing? Enter pricing sensitivity surveys. This type of market research offers you and your organization a reliable, accurate way to land on a price tag that works for customers, you, and your bottom line. In this blog po

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  • Blog: Online Pricing Surveys

    Conducting Online Pricing Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    Determining a fair price for your product or service is easier said than done. Why? Because there are several internal and external factors that can influence your decision. And on top of that, you always need to be thinking of pricing from the consumer’s point of view. Take the concept of extra costs at checkout for online shoppers. This issue, for example, causes 48% of cart abandonment in online stores. Fortunately, conducting an online pricing survey can help you determine a precise ran

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  • what is a loaded question market research

    What is a Loaded Question in Surveys? [+ Examples]

    Have you ever participated in a survey or questionnaire and felt like the questions were designed to sway your answers in a certain direction? You're not alone. One of the most common issues with surveys is the presence of loaded questions. In this article, our market research company explores what loaded questions are, how they differ from leading questions, and provide examples of loaded survey questions to help you recognize (and avoid writing) them. What is a Loaded Question in a Surv

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