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    5 Basic Tips When Sending an Email Customer Survey

    When it comes to market research, almost everyone is familiar with the customer email survey. First off, customer satisfaction projects and customer surveys are a very basic and common form of market research. Most organizations recognize the need to collect feedback from customers, and typically capture data through some version of a customer survey. Second, email surveys are much more cost-effective and timely than customer surveys completed via printed cards, mailings, or phone surveys. The

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    How to Complete a Community Survey | Market Research Company

    Community surveys are a form of quantitative research where feedback is commonly collected from a general population. A general population means all are eligible to take the survey if they reside or are a part of the community. In market research research terms this means the incidence rate is 100%. These types of surveys come in many forms. They include phone surveys, mail surveys, and online surveys. However, online surveys are typically the common choice for 3 reasons. First, online surveys

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    The Myth: "No One Responds to Surveys"

    Over the past 15 years working in market research, I've heard this several times. The story usually goes something like this: "I receive survey invites all of the time. I never participate. I am asked to offer feedback on anything and everything I buy and I do not respond. How are you going to get anyone to respond to a survey?" Well, an entire industry has been built around respondents offering feedback and taking surveys. If people did not participate in surveys, our industry would not exist

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    3 Benefits of Using Video Responses in Online Surveys

    The dreaded open-ended question in surveys. It goes against everything we believe in survey design. Surveys are supposed to be quick. Surveys are supposed to be fun. Surveys are supposed to be engaging. Some may feel open-ended questions fit none of those characteristics. An open-ended question is a free text response where a respondent is asked to type a response. This can be as short as 1 or 2 words, or a paragraph. They often take more time than a closed-ended question with radio button sele

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    How Many Email Reminders Should I Send For My Online Survey?

    Email surveys are the most common quantitative methodology used in market research nowadays. The reasons are plenty. First, they are a cost effective way to collect feedback from a sample pool. Second, they are timely. Email surveys can be conducted over the course of a day or a few days. Third, the representation of the larger population is strong. The ability for surveys to be mobile-friendly has coincided with the growth of the smartphone in the past decade. With more people having access to

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    5 Advanced Survey Question Examples

    Advanced survey questions might sound confusing and difficult, but the truth is they are very similar to other types of survey questions. The goal of all survey questions is to answer a question in order to provide direction for a client or organization. Below are examples of 5 advanced survey questions including: (1) audio sentiment, (2) video sentiment, (3) conjoint, (4) max diff, and (5) semantic differential. Each question type shows an example image of how a question looks, describes how

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    6 Types of Engaging Market Research Survey Questions

    In the world of market research creating engaging surveys is crucial. It is no longer enough to just create an online survey. Online surveys also need to be mobile optimized and engaging. Wondering why? Creating an engaging survey leads to highly engaged respondents and higher quality data. Attention spans are already short, so instead of creating a boring, "traditional" survey use engaging questions to keep a hold on respondents' attention. Check out 6 types of engaging questions to ask in a

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    Survey Questions to Ask Non-Customers | Market Research Firm

    We are all familiar with questions to ask your customers, but what about non-customers? If you want to conduct a survey with the market as a whole there are likely questions you want to ask specific to and separate from what you would ask your own. Non-customer surveys help an organization grow by tapping into new audiences. Many clients we talk to state they know everything they need to know with their customers. This can be true and verified with a customer survey. However, they are likely to

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    5 Tips When Choosing a Survey Platform

    There are many great online survey platforms available so finding the right one can be tough. Once you start looking at online survey platforms, you will realize there are cheaper options that come with some limitations as well as expensive options that offer all of the online survey tools market research professionals desire. So, the question becomes which are you truly looking for? At Drive Research, market research company that serves Buffalo, NY, our team of market research pros has experie

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    How Many Questions Should I Ask In My Survey?

    Wondering how many questions you should ask in your survey? We can help with that! Drive Research is a market research company that helps organizations across the country with market research needs. There are a variety of factors that determine the ideal survey length. This includes the research approach, type of survey, target audience, and survey objectives. For any type of market research survey, it is important to keep the survey respondent in mind. Remember, survey respondents are somewhat

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    6 Common Issues with Surveys Written by Non-Researchers

    Practice makes perfect! Survey writing is an art form. Several factors need to be taken into account when creating a survey. The top 6 factors market researchers keep top of mind when writing a survey are: Mutually exclusive close-ended answers Collectively exhaustive close-ended answers Bias wording and phrasing Order bais Survey flow Forgetting about the respondent After years of practice, remembering these factors becomes second nature for market research pros when survey writing. If you a

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    5 Items To Include In Your Survey Proofing Checklist

    The most critical step of a market research project is the upfront work you do in designing a survey and preparing it for data collection. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” is highly relevant, as it demonstrates the relationship between the quality of a survey instrument with the insights generated from the survey. After you’ve put careful consideration into each question you plan to ask, the next step is to program the script into your survey software and prepare it for data collection.

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