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  • pre survey email market research syracuse

    4 Benefits of a Pre-Survey Email or Letter | Market Research Firm Syracuse, NY

    With time of the essence, most market research firms in Syracuse and companies elsewhere will jump immediately to an email survey invitation to their customer and non-customer lists. Rarely do organizations ever consider the benefits of slowing the process down and sending an introductory email or letter to the same list before the survey invitations are sent. A pre-awareness email or letter can provide significant benefits for your market research project but they are largely underutilized.

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  • driver behind growth survey research

    4 Key Drivers Behind the Growth in Online Survey Research

    If you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, online surveys may be a new trend for you. If you've paid any attention to market research or surveys over the past decade you will quickly realize the majority of feedback is collected online. But what are the reasons behind this growth? Why are telephone surveys and mail surveys on the endangered species list? If phone surveys had a "show me what the future looks like facial expression", this would be it. The growth of online surveys

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  • increase survey response market research tips

    The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Survey Response Rates | 14 Tips To-Go

    Read this, study it, wield it to provide you and your organization with more data than you can shake a stick at. That's assuming you and your organization like to shake sticks at things. Can you even shake a stick at data? Maybe if it's printed from Excel right? This seems like a rabbit hole. Back on topic. This ultimate guide to increasing survey response rates will provide you with everything you need to know about obtaining more feedback. All in 2,420 wonderful words. You may want to grab a c

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  • advanced online survey tools market research

    6 Capabilities of Advanced Online Survey Tools and Platforms

    Many novices in the market research realm will gravitate towards the free survey tools available online. We don't blame them. When an organization wants to obtain quick feedback from customers or an event, oftentimes a free survey tool will provide them the basic set up in order make it happen. If the organization conducts market research infrequently it may not be in the best interest to shell out budget for an expensive online survey tool which may go unused. Several benefits exist to using a

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  • market research survey project

    How Does a Market Research Survey Project Work?

    The organized will triumph in marketing research. The survey process can seem complex with many moving parts so it pays to include a few essential steps in your project management. These additional steps will ensure you put the work in up-front to produce a better outcome in the end. Non-traditional survey project steps include project workplans, checklists, and soft-launches to start fieldwork. Many people fly by the seat of their pants due to the ease and availability of cheap online survey we

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  • authenticated market research tips online survey

    Authenticated Versus Unauthenticated Online Surveys - Which is Better?

    When it comes to online surveys, you have two options: (1) authenticated or (2) unauthenticated. Choosing between the two approaches can prove difficult. As a survey administrator you must weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the best approach for your study. What are authenticated surveys? Authenticated online surveys are verified through an authorization key or identifier that allows the survey administrator to trace respondents. This is typically done through a unique link

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  • Is Your Online Survey Like a Dinner Conversation with your 12-Year-Old

    Is Your Online Survey Like a Dinner Conversation with your 12-Year-Old?

    In the understatement of the century, technology has changed the landscape of marketing research. The days of sending out hard copy surveys by mail or going door-to-door to collect survey responses have become close to extinct (here's looking at you U.S. Census Bureau.) The popularity of cell phone, mobile devices, and computers have made it incredibly easy for survey companies to contact respondents to seek responses and feedback. Due to these cost and time savings, online surveys are almost to

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  • programming checklist for surveys market research company

    Programming Checklist for Surveys | Market Research Company, Syracuse NY

    Programming and testing a survey can prove to be a very time-consuming process for an analyst. Oftentimes tinkering with one question can impact a large branch of logic that can cripple your programming sequence if done incorrectly. When programming a survey, it is extremely difficult to multi-task because of the focus that is needed to handle one piece at a time. If a programmer gets too concerned with fixing multiple items (logic, randomization, grammar) by juggling back and forth, it can beco

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  • unique sample options to gather surveys

    8 Unique Sample Options to Gather Surveys

    It has been spoken about at-length in the market research industry. Sampling shifts to convenience methodologies over random approaches have become more commonplace out of necessity. The driver of random sampling is statistical reliability. Users of this approach want to make the claim results are within a +/- percent margin of error. A common random sampling approach is political polling. Although it is vital to claim statistical reliability for some studies, it does come with a cost. The co

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  • survey writing tips sonar online survey company buffalo ny

    Survey Writing Tips | SONAR | Online Survey Company Buffalo, NY

    Survey writing is a science. However, there is no "right" way to design a survey draft. What one person designs can be completely different from what another person designs but in many circumstances, both can be useable. So when it comes to survey design, it's often more about "what not to do" than "what to do". As I wrote about before on this site, one of the first and most important lessons I learned in survey writing was a simple tip called MECE (mutually exclusive collectively exhaustive), r

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  • are you using unbalanced survey scales

    Are You Using Unbalanced Survey Scales? Stop Now. Please.

    Pet peeves. We all have them. If you work in market research long enough, you begin to develop your own unique standard of pet peeves within the industry. Many times you'll come across survey instruments written by other analysts or agencies displaying evaluation questions using an unbalanced scale. In survey writing, it's always important to keep a neutral mid-point when using scaled questions. What is an unbalanced scale? An unbalanced scale in market research is a survey question that offer

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  • what 140 characters can teach us in market research

    What 140 Characters Can Teach us in Market Research

    In your daily routine at the office (e.g., typing emails, speaking to clients over the phone, talking with colleagues while grabbing a morning coffee), I bet your dialogue lasts longer than 140 characters. If it doesn't you are either extremely shy, unsociable, or bitter. I'm not talking about the coffee. Enter the arena of Twitter however, and everything you say needs to be short and quick. However, "The Land of 140 Characters" can teach us a few lessons in market research and in business in ge

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