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  • survey-proofing-checklist-market-research-03292018

    5 Items To Include In Your Survey Proofing Checklist

    The most critical step of a market research project is the upfront work you do in designing a survey and preparing it for data collection. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” is highly relevant, as it demonstrates the relationship between the quality of a survey instrument with the insights generated from the survey. After you’ve put careful consideration into each question you plan to ask, the next step is to program the script into your survey software and prepare it for data collection.

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  • market-research-survey-tips-03202018

    Top 5 Market Research Survey Tips

    Time flies when you work hard! I've completed my first year at Drive Research, a market research company serving Rochester, NY, and over the past year I've written nearly 50 blogs! Forty-eight to be precise. Can you believe it? It has definitely been an exciting, fast-paced first year. And, it's safe to say I've learned a lot. In those 48 blogs, I've written about various market research topics and Drive Research updates. A topic that I tend to come back to and discuss further are surveys. The

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  • non-member-survey-credit-union-market-research-03092018

    Non-Member Surveys for Credit Unions | Product Development and Strategy

    It's always easier to survey customers than non-customers. Customers have a relationship with you so they are more likely to respond, offer more feedback, and reply quicker. One of the more challenging parts of market research is talking to non-customers. How does our credit union reach them? Are they even willing to participate? Opening up new markets and finding new customers outside of your current member base can help a credit union grow quickly. Although much can be said about selling more

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  • credit-union-exit-survey-market-research-03022018

    Credit Union Member Exit Surveys | What, How, and Why?

    Years ago I remember closing my account at a bank here in New York State. I walked in, asked to withdraw the few hundred dollars I had remaining, and asked to close the account. I had recently shifted all of my checking and savings accounts over to a credit union in large part because of the fees the bank was charged to use out-of-network ATMs. I had no reason to keep a separate deposit account. So there I was, standing in front of the teller to shut down my account. No questions. No talking. N

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  • gifts unwrapping online survey market research

    3 Gifts We Like Unwrapping When Launching an Online Survey | Northeast Market Research Company

    As a Northeast market research company, we launch a lot of surveys across the country. Launching an online survey is a bit like receiving a gift during the holidays. You hope for certain things but you can never be 100% sure what you will get until it's unwrapped. Market research has a way of surprising you throughout the process, but never more so than during the fielding of an online survey. You tap into past experience and similar projects to make educated guesses but there's always a bit of

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  • make online surveys more engaging for respondents

    How to Make Online Surveys More Engaging for Respondents?

    "Yay another survey". Not said by everyone but said by said by a lot of people. As a market research firm, this is a daily problem for us. Surveys can be fun, we promise. Our job in market research is largely about getting respondents to spend a few minutes taking a survey with time they do not have. Sure there are some survey fans out there. Many of which are on our market research panel in Upstate New York. So, it becomes our job to do everything possible to make surveys more fun and engagin

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  • questions testing online survey market research

    Common Questions When Testing an Online Survey | Company in NY

    Testing an online survey can lead to a lot of questions. A mark of a true market research professional is someone who is able to explain the intricacies of research in a way that is easy to understand and not overwhelming. In a previous post, we discussed the online survey testing process. Learn more about the online survey testing checklist. Want to learn more about the most common questions (and answers) when testing an online survey? Learn more below! Don't worry, we'll answer all your

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  • online survey testing checklist

    Online Survey Testing Checklist | How to Program an Online Survey

    So your online survey is written and ready to go? In this post, our market research company in NY will discuss the next logical step for all online surveys... programming! Survey programming can become tricky very easily if the survey has a lot of routing, piping, etc. Routing and piping is skip patterns in a survey (e.g. if the answer to Q1 = YES, skip to Q3 and so on). First time writing a survey? In a previous post, I discussed 4 survey writing tips! In market research, the research tool dev

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  • market research goal writing survey

    Why Goal Language is Important for Survey Writing

    We have talked about it before, and we are definitely going to talk about it in the future; survey writing is an art form. I'm not comparing survey writing to a Picasso, but if you took an inside look at the surveys crafted by Drive Research you would see what I'm talking about. Survey writing is not one of those traits you are born with, but being a curious person helps. Curiosity is one of those traits many (if not all) analysts have. It is the driving force of our work. We ask why? We dig de

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  • How to Write a Survey | 4 Survey Design Tips From Our Market Research Firm

    How to Write a Survey | 4 Survey Design Tips From Our Market Research Firm

    You are familiar with writers block correct? But what about survey writers block? It happens to the best of us, especially if you are new to writing surveys and you are not sure where to start. In our minds, it's an art form that takes a lot of practice to master. So if you are wondering "how to write a survey", we think you came to the right market research blog. Survey design is more than just writing questions and answers. It's understanding the perspective of the respondent and how they fee

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  • how many survey market research

    How Many Survey Completes Do We Need? | Market Research Company NY

    One of the most common questions that is posed to our market research company on a regular basis is: "How many survey completes do we need?" The answer is never a clear cut and dry one and it depends on a number of factors that I'll discuss in this post. The one myth when it comes to surveys is a 100% response rate. Oftentimes clients without any experience in market research might assume if we send 100 emails, we'll get 100 to respond right? This is never the case unfortunately. Respondents a

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  • improve response rates research firm

    How to Improve Responses Rates? | 4 Basic Tips from Our Research Firm

    You are only as good as the data you collect. Very true in market research. An online survey or email survey is a leap into the great unknown in the industry. How many will open our invitation to participate? How many will respond? These questions are nearly impossible to answer. A market research firm can help you estimate this based on industry and client experience. However, you likely have a goal number of completed surveys in mind (100, 200, 400, etc.). Depending on how engaged and interes

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